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eFinancialCareers' pricing is not readily available on its website, and job posting costs vary based on a user's region. Employers can fill out the company's online contact form for accurate pricing information.


eFinancialCareers is a leading financial services careers website with a global footprint. Employers benefit from the platform's financial sector expertise and their highly trafficked job site. eFinancialCareers attracts talented finance professionals in Canada and abroad, making it a convenient way to hire both local and international talent.

Prominent Canadian companies, such as Canada Life and Vontobel, use eFinancialCareers for their hiring needs. However, less than 3% of web traffic to the job board comes from Canada, compared to 46% for the U.S., which may impact local recruitment efforts on the platform.


  • eFinancialCareers has a dedicated Canadian page for local listings.
  • Employers can post jobs quickly and easily using self-service job credits.
  • The website has multilingual language options to appeal to a wider, diverse candidate pool.
  • Job posts are displayed on over 45 worldwide partner sites.
  • The job board features a database with more than 1.5 million resumes.
  • eFinancialCareers has a dedicated telephone line for Canadian customers.
  • Services extend across 24 sites dedicated to major financial centers across the world.
  • Dedicated account managers offer employers tailor-made recruitment solutions.
  • Listings are sent to candidates via email alerts.
  • The website has a mobile app that increases job ad visibility.


  • eFinancialCareers' pricing is not readily available on their website.
  • No mention is made of free job posting trials or promotional offers.
  • The Canadian page of the website is not available in French.


While online reviews of eFinancialCareers are limited, a single user on Sitejabber gave the platform a 5-star rating. More than 70 reviewers on Trustpilot rated eFinancialCareers 4.4 out of 5 stars due to the site's affordable pricing, excellent customer service, and insightful features.

How to Post a Job on eFinancialCareers:

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15 Minutes
How to Post a Job on eFinancialCareers:

Three easy steps for posting a job on eFinancialCareers.


Posting a job on eFinancialCareers.


Go to the eFinancialCareers home page.

Go to the eFinancialCareers home page.

Form the home page, click on "For Recruiters" in the top-right corner. Then, click on "Post a job" on the next page.


Click on "Get started."

Click on "Get started."

Read through eFinancialCareers' different job posting products, which include purchasing job slots or job credits. Then, click on "Get started" beneath the appropriate option.


Complete the online contact form.

Complete the online contact form.

Complete the online form labeled "How can we help?" Once you're done, click on "Submit."

One of the job board's consultants will be in contact to discuss your job posting requirements.

eFinancialCareers vs. FinanceJobs.net:

While FinanceJobs.net and eFinancialCareers both cater to the international finance industry, the former site is primarily focused on the North American market, making it the better option for attracting local talent. Neither portal offers a free posting option, but employers need to contact eFinancialCareers for their pricing.

eFinancialCareers vs. CPA Ontario:

CPA Ontario offers job posting services to employers in the financial sector. Overall, CPA Ontario has a large membership and is a reliable option for businesses in Canada looking to hire local talent. eFinancialCareers is a great option for those looking to hire international candidates and has an extensive database of over 1.5 million resumes.

eFinancialCareers vs. Indeed:

eFinancialCareers differs from Indeed in that the latter site serves all job categories. Both have a global reach and Canada-specific pages. eFinancialCareers doesn't disclose pricing information on their site, but Indeed offers free job posts and pay-per-application promoted job listings, making it a budget-friendly option.

Key Information

Legal Name

eFinancialCareers Ltd.


John Benson

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2000


Telephone House, 69/77 Paul St., London, London EC2A 4NW, GB








How much does eFinancialCareers cost?

eFinancialCareers does not make pricing readily available on its website. Employers can fill out the company's online contact form for accurate pricing information.

How do I create an eFinancialCareers account?

  1. Go to eFinancialCareers' home page.
  2. Click on "For Recruiters," then click on "Post a job."
  3. Read through the posting options and click on "Get started" beneath your plan of choice.
  4. Fill out the online contact form toward the bottom-right of the page, and a representative will be in touch to set up your account.

How can I edit an eFinancialCareers job posting?

  1. Log in to your account and select the posting from your list of active jobs.
  2. Once you open the posting, you can change any of the information.
  3. Click on "Save" to update your changes.

How can I delete an eFinancialCareers job posting?

To delete one of your job postings, select it within your dashboard and click on the "Delete" button.

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