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The FP Canada Career Board offers a free job posting service.


FP Canada is a nonprofit, national organization dedicated to the advancement of professional financial planning in Canada. The platform works with the Institut québécois de planification financière (IQPF) to provide individuals with two nationally recognized financial planning certifications in all provinces of Canada.

The FP Canada Career Board allows employers to post financial planning vacancies at all career levels. The platform's extensive database of certified professionals helps them match employers with the most suitable candidate possible.


  • Employers can post jobs to the FP Canada Career Board free of charge.
  • Employers have access to over 21,000 certified professionals in the financial planning industry.
  • The platform is nationally recognized and well-established.
  • The site features employer resources such as articles on certification regulations and rules of conduct.
  • Employers may choose how long jobs remain active.


  • The site does not have an online job posting process.
  • Jobs aren't shared on the site's social media channels.
  • The platform does not offer resume searches or any applicant management tools.
  • Job opportunities take one to two business days to reflect on the job board.


We were unable to find any online reviews of the FP Canada Career Board.

How to Post a Job on FP Canada Career Board:

The FP Canada Career Board does not have an online job posting process. Individuals interested in posting a job opportunity to the site can email their job post to info@fpcanada.ca. Employers can navigate to the site's employer page to read more about the information they're required to submit with their job post.

FP Canada Career Board vs. Jobwings.ca:

Like FP Canada Career Board, Jobwings.ca allows employers to post financial planning-related jobs. The latter, however, also posts more general finance jobs. FP Canada Career Board does not charge for job postings, which will suit recruiters on a tight budget. Jobwings.ca, however, shares posts on their partner sites for increased exposure.

FP Canada Career Board vs. FinanceJobs.net:

While FP Canada Career Board caters to the Canadian financial planning job market, FinanceJobs.net is a North American finance job board. Both platforms help match employers with candidates, but only FinanceJobs.net features a searchable resume database. However, at US$299.00 for a single posting, it is also the more costly of the two.

FP Canada Career Board vs. Indeed:

Indeed is a general job board that caters to all job industries. FP Canada Career Board specializes in financial planning positions, which might be the better option for employers in search of certified candidates. While both platforms have a free job posting option, Indeed has a candidate messaging service that FP Canada Career Board lacks.

Key Information

Legal Name

Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd.

Founding Date

Jan. 01, 1995


902-375 University Ave., Toronto, ON M5G 2J5








What is FP Canada?

FP Canada is a national organization that represents over 21,000 certified financial planning professionals. The platform hosts a financial job board for employers to fill their vacancies with qualified candidates throughout Canada.

What does it cost to post a job on the FP Canada Career Board?

The FP Canada Career Board allows employers to post job opportunities for free.

What is the Financial Planning Standards Board?

The Financial Planning Standards Board is a global financial planning organization with affiliate institutions around the world, including FP Canada Career Board.

How do I edit a job post on the FP Canada Career Board?

Employers who'd like to edit a live job post should contact the FP Canada Career Board team for more information.

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