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Consulting.ca does not provide pricing information online. Contact the sales team for more information.


Consulting.ca is a news and information platform targeting the Canadian consulting and advisory industry. The platform forms part of the Consultancy.org family of international websites that provide the latest news, information, and job listings for consultants and advisors across the globe.

The Consulting.ca job board provides employers with a niche platform to advertise vacant roles. While no information is given on the price of a job post, the platform is missing advanced hiring tools such as job board syndication, applicant tracking, and candidate matching.


  • The Consulting.ca job board is a niche job posting platform for the Canadian advisory and consulting industry.
  • Jobs can be sorted by area, industry, or firm, making it easier for job seekers to find your listing.
  • The platform also provides the latest news and information about the consultancy industry in Canada.
  • Employers can add application links to job posts.


  • Consulting.ca does not provide pricing information for job posts.
  • The platform does not provide a French language option.
  • The job board is missing advanced hiring tools including candidate matching and applicant tracking.
  • The platform does not syndicate jobs to other job boards or share job posts on social media.
  • At the time of writing, no Canadian jobs were listed on the job board.


We were unable to find reviews of the Consulting.ca job board.

How to Post a Job on The Consulting.ca Job Board:

Employers interested in adverting on the job board can fill in the online contact form or phone the sales team on 011 31 20 3636 299.

Consulting.ca vs. FinanceJobs.net:

FinanceJobs.net is a U.S.-based financial job board that lists jobs in all financial industries in the U.S. and Canada. While it doesn't have the niche focus of Consulting.ca, it has more to offer with resume access, featured listings, and email blasts. Pricing starts at US$299.00 per post, while Consulting.ca doesn't provide pricing information.

Consulting.ca vs. Jobwings.ca:

While Consulting.ca lists consulting and advisory jobs, Jobwings.ca focuses more on the finance, management, and accounting industry. Jobwings.ca offers a wider reach than Consulting.ca and charges upwards of C$325.00 per post. Consulting.ca doesn't provide pricing information, and neither platform offers resume access or job syndication.

Consulting.ca vs. eFinancialCareers:

eFinancialCareers is an international job board with a dedicated Canadian page listing the full range of financial jobs. Unlike Consulting.ca, the platform offers employers access to a resume database, email blasts, a mobile app, and local customer support. Neither platform provides pricing information for job posts.

Key Information

Legal Name


Founding Date

Jan 01, 2014


Hogehilweg 8, Keynes Club 1101 CC Amsterdam, The Netherlands




011 31 20 3636 299




What does it cost to post a job on the Consulting.ca job board?

Consulting.ca does not provide pricing information for job posts. Contact the sales team for more information.

What are some alternatives to the Consulting.ca job board?

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