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Posting a job on campusBRIDGE's job board is free of charge.


campusBRIDGE is the job board of the University of Alberta Career Centre. The platform provides career advice and recruitment assistance to employers looking to hire University of Alberta students and alumni. Employers can advertise a wide range of vacancies from summer jobs to permanent positions.

Employers can make use of on-campus recruitment options such as career fairs and information sessions. They can also register to mentor students and gain access to potential employees.


  • Posting a job on campusBRIDGE is free of charge.
  • campusBRIDGE offers employers access to on-campus recruitment events such as career fairs, mixers, and information sessions.
  • Employers can register to host work experience opportunities for undergraduate students and recent graduates.
  • The platform offers employers access to practicum job seekers in the field of kinesiology, sport, and recreation.
  • The platform hosts job shadowing programs and employers can register to become mentors for recent graduates.
  • The Career Center of the university's business school offers employers the opportunity to connect with over 2,500 business undergrads and thousands of business graduates.


  • The site does not offer additional recruitment services, such as social media visibility or promoted listings.
  • The platform only targets University of Alberta students and graduates.
  • Employers first need to register and gain approval from the job site before being able to post a job.


We were unable to find any online reviews of campusBRIDGE.

How to Post a Job to campusBRIDGE:

To place a vacancy on campusBRIDGE, employers should fill out the online form to create an account. After you've received your confirmation email, you'll be able to create and post a job to the job board.

campusBRIDGE vs. CLNx Job Board:

campusBRIDGE and the CLNx job board are the official job boards of their respective universities, connecting employers with students and recent graduates. While the CLNx job board offers resume searches, campusBRIDGE does not offer employers access to its student database. The turnaround time for posting a vacancy on campusBRIDGE is shorter than that of the CLNx job board.

campusBRIDGE vs. University of Calgary Career Services:

It is free to post a job on campusBRIDGE, while the University of Calgary Career Services offers both free and paid job posting options. Employers interested in employing Indigenous and international students might find University of Calgary Career Services to be the better option for targeted hiring.

campusBRIDGE vs. CAPS Job Bank:

While all job posts on campusBRIDGE are free of charge, CAPS Job Bank charges C$1,200.00 annually to advertise on their job board. The latter collects resumes on behalf of employers, a service that campusBRIDGE lacks. All job types are permissible on campusBRIDGE, while CAPS Job Bank does not allow posts for informal careers.

Key Information

Legal Name

University of Alberta Career Centre


2-100 Students' Union Bld., Edmonton, AB T6G 2J7








What is campusBRIDGE?

campusBRIDGE is the official job posting platform of the University of Alberta aimed at helping employers connect with students and recent graduates.

What does it cost to post a job on campusBRIDGE?

Posting a job on campusBRIDGE is free of charge.

How do I register an account on campusBRIDGE?

  1. On the campusBRIDGE home page, hover over "Employer & Partner."
  2. Select "Register for an account."
  3. Complete the online registration form.
  4. Click on "Submit."

How do I delete a job from campusBRIDGE?

Information on deleting a job post from the campusBRIDGE job board is not readily available. Employers should contact the site via email.

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