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VentureBeat Careers offers employers access to a unique audience of tech professionals, as well as useful features, such as matching technology, home page placement, and bespoke company profiles, to aid the recruitment process. The site allows for listings based all over the world, making it a good option for local and international hiring efforts.


  • Employers can choose between a one-off job posting option and an unlimited job posting plan.
  • VentureBeat Careers offers a premium subscription that includes employer branding, applicant tracking tools, and job distribution.
  • Job ads are featured on the site's home page.
  • The platform uses technology to match employers' job roles to the site's unique audience.
  • The VentureBeat news site attracts around 2 million monthly website visitors.


  • There is no free job posting plan or trial option.
  • The site does not feature a searchable resume database.


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Premium Subscription Package

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VentureBeat Careers vs. Wellfound:

Unlike VentureBeat Careers, Wellfound offers a free job posting plan, making it the more affordable option. Wellfound's paid plans start at $499.00 per month, which is on par with VentureBeat Careers' starting price of $499.00 per post. Both sites offer employer branding and applicant tracking tools, but only Wellfound features a resume database.

VentureBeat Careers vs. Authentic Jobs:

Authentic Jobs and VentureBeat Careers are both U.S.-based sites with an international reach. With a starting price of $149.00 per month, Authentic Jobs is more affordable than VentureBeat Careers, which has plans starting at $499.00 per post. However, the latter has better features, including applicant tracking tools and bespoke company profiles.

VentureBeat Careers vs. Dice:

Dice's pricing starts at $495.00 per post, compared to VentureBeat Careers' starting price of $499.00 per post. Both sites make use of matching technology to help employers find suitable candidates for their job openings fast. However, Dice offers some features that VentureBeat Careers doesn't, such as a resume database and social media promotion.

Key Information

Legal Name



Matt Marshall

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2006


500 Sansome St., Ste. 601, San Francisco, CA 94111






What does it cost to post a job on VentureBeat Careers?

VentureBeat Careers' pricing starts at $499.00 for a 30-day listing. There is also an unlimited job posting plan and a premium subscription that includes employer branding tools.

Does VentureBeat Careers offer a free plan?

No, VentureBeat Careers does not have a free job posting plan.

What are some alternatives to VentureBeat Careers?

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