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7 days


14 days


21 days


30 days


How to Post a Job on Graduatejobs:

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5 Minutes
How to Post a Job on Graduatejobs:

Six easy steps for posting a job on Graduatejobs.


Posting a job on Graduatejobs.


Click on "Advertise with us" on the home page.

Click on "Advertise with us" on the home page.

You will find this in the top right-hand corner of the home page.


Select a posting option.

Select a posting option.

At this stage, you can either call the help center on 020-7609-5400 and they can talk you through customizing your job posting, or you can choose a 2 week or 1-month job ad campaign.


Enter your details.

Enter your details.

If you choose a posting package rather than calling the customer service center, you will be directed to enter your personal and company details on the next page. Click "Next" to continue your job ad.


Fill out the details of your job.

Fill out the details of your job.

Complete the online form with details about the job you want to advertise, then click on "Next."


Enter your job location.

Enter your job location.

You can enter up to five locations for your job, but this step is not a requirement. Click on "Next" to continue.


Complete your job posting.

Complete your job posting.

You will need to enter an annual salary or salary range but then you also have the option of adding benefits and locating your job opportunity within a particular sector. Click "Submit job" to complete your job posting. A preview will be sent to your email address for confirmation and payment.

Key Information

Legal Name

graduate-jobs.com Ltd.

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1999


United House, North Road, London, N7 9DP, Great Britain




020 7609 5400




How do I create a Graduatejobs account?

Graduatejobs does not have online user accounts like other job posting sites, but you can manage Graduatejobs job postings by getting in touch with Graduatejobs customer support.

How can I edit a Graduatejobs job posting?

Since all Graduatejobs job postings are administered internally, you need to contact your account representative to make any changes.

How can I delete a Graduatejobs job posting?

If you would like to remove a posting before it expires, you can contact the Graduatejobs team to have it manually deleted from the site.

What are some Graduatejobs alternatives?

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