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Publishers Marketplace is an online-based community that caters to the editing and publishing industry, with services like deal tracking and agent profiles to help hire talent faster. Authors generally use the members-only platform to conduct agency research, view job opportunities, and network with professionals in the same field.

For employers, Publishers Marketplace offers advertisement in the job board section of its popular publication, Publishers Lunch. Here, employers and authors alike can share their job postings with an audience of over 40,000 readers.


  • Prominent publishers such as Penguin Random House and HarperCollins use Publishers Marketplace to find talent.
  • Membership is free if you're looking to use the community for agency research.
  • Employers have access to a vast community of members who are qualified in the editing and publishing field.
  • Membership perks include the latest news in the industry, deal tracking, and access to the Publishers Lunch Job Board.
  • Publishers Marketplace promises that job advertisements will be seen by at least 40,000 professionals in the field.
  • Employers are guaranteed that their job postings will reach qualified job seekers already familiar with the industry.


  • Paying via invoice or check carries a $25.00 surcharge.
  • Publishers Marketplace is a members-only community.
  • The website is clunky and outdated.
  • Compared to competitors such as Mediabistro and JournalismJobs.com, Publishers Lunch Job Board is the costlier option.
  • Publishers Marketplace is mostly used as a networking community, so the job board doesn't get as much attention from users.


Publishers Marketplace is not BBB-accredited and we were unable to find employer reviews online.

How to Post a Job on Publishers Lunch Job Board:

$395.00 USD
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on Publishers Lunch Job Board:

Eight easy steps for posting a job on Publishers Lunch Job Board.


Posting a Job on Publishers Lunch Job Board.


Go to publishersmarketplace.com.

Go to publishersmarketplace.com.

Navigate to the Publishers Marketplace home page.


Select "Job board."

Select "Job board."

The "Job Board" option can be found under the "Register" drop-down menu.


Create an account.

Create an account.

You'll have to register an account with Publishers Marketplace to access their job board. Fill in your company details and click on the "register" button at the bottom of the page. A confirmation will be sent to your email address.


Select "Purchase/Manage Job Listings."

Select "Purchase/Manage Job Listings."

After you've confirmed your registration via email, follow the link provided and log in to your account. Then select "Purchase/Manage Job Listings" just below your username.


Select "purchase a listing."

Select "purchase a listing."

You'll be directed to the "Manage your job listings" page. From here, you can view your account or buy a job post. Select the green icon that says "purchase a listing" to proceed to payment.


Choose your job post package.

Choose your job post package.

Select the number of job posts you would like to purchase through Publishers Marketplace and choose whether to pay by credit card or invoice/check. Take a look at their prices to see which option suits you best. Select "continue."


Enter your payment details.

Enter your payment details.

Publishers Marketplace requires that you buy a listing first before creating your job post. Fill in your billing address and credit card details. Select "purchase" to buy the selected job listing package.


Compose your job post.

Compose your job post.

The final step is to compose and post a job to the board. Select "your jobs" in the side column of your job posting account. Enter the job's details and select "post."

Publishers Lunch Job Board vs. Mediabistro:

The two primary differences between Publishers Lunch Job Board and Mediabistro boils down to their respective job market and pricing. While Publishers Lunch is membership-only and dedicated to publishing, Mediabistro advertises different types of media-related jobs. In addition, Mediabistro costs at least $98.00 less than Publishers Lunch Job Board.

Publishers Lunch Job Board vs. JournalismJobs.com:

JournalismJobs.com lists mostly jobs in journalism but also caters to professionals in publishing, advertising, and communication. They have a starting price of $100.00 per post, compared to Publishers Lunch Job Board's $395.00 per post. JournalismJobs.com is the better option for businesses on a tighter budget.

Publishers Lunch Job Board vs. Media Job Board Jobs:

Compared to Publishers Lunch Job Board, Media Job Board stands out as the most affordable option, charging $199.00 per post, compared to Publishers Lunch's $395.00 per post. But, while Media Job Board is strictly a job board, Publishers Marketplace is also known as an online community that's ideal for networking and deal tracking.

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What is Publishers Marketplace?

Publishers Marketplace is an online community that helps employers and authors hire talented agents or employees faster thanks to services such as the latest industry news, deal tracking, and a job board.

How much does it cost to post a job ad on Publishers Lunch Job Board?

It costs between $395.00 and $3,650.00 to post a job ad on Publishers Lunch Job Board, depending on the number of job postings you choose.

How do I create an account on Publishers Marketplace?

  1. Go to Publishers Marketplace.
  2. Click on "Job Board" under the "Register" drop-down menu.
  3. Fill in the membership registration form.
  4. Click on "register" at the bottom of the page once the form is complete.

How can I edit a Publishers Lunch Job Board posting?

You can edit and manage your Publishers Lunch Job Board postings from your account dashboard.

What type of jobs can I advertise on Publishers Lunch Job Board?

Publishers Lunch Job Board is a niche job board that's dedicated to the editing and publishing industry. Therefore, all job postings should be relevant to the industry. Listed positions include editors, graphic designers, publicists, and more.

How do you use Publishers Marketplace?

Employers can register to become Publishers Marketplace members and have access to Publishers Lunch, a publication read by over 40,000 industry professionals. Employers can find publishing talent by advertising their jobs on the Publishers Lunch Job Board.

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