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Indiana Career Connect



Featured listings


Resume database access

Employer dashboard

Applicant tracking system


Customer support

Email and in-person (at local career centers).


Indiana Career Connect offers employers a free online recruitment platform for finding candidates to fill job vacancies in Indiana. While the site permits unlimited job postings and features a searchable resume database, it doesn't offer job post upgrades and advanced tools, such as an applicant tracking system, to streamline hiring activities.


  • Employers can post an unlimited number of jobs for free.
  • The site has a searchable resume database.
  • Employers can set up resume match alerts.
  • A range of employment, development, and labor market-related resources are available on the site.
  • There is an online dashboard for managing job posts and resume searches.


  • There are no options to increase the visibility and exposure of job postings.
  • The site does not feature an applicant tracking system.


We were unable to find any online reviews of Indiana Career Connect.


It is free to post a job on Indiana Career Connect.

How to Post a Job on Indiana Career Connect:

$0.00 USD
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on Indiana Career Connect:

Three easy steps for posting a job on Indiana Career Connect.


Posting a job on Indiana Career Connect.


Click on "Post Job Openings."

Click on "Post Job Openings."

Go to the Indiana Career Connect website, scroll toward the middle of the page, and click on "Post Job Openings" beneath the "Employers" heading.


Create an account.

Create an account.

Scroll to the section titled "Option 2 - Create a User Account" and click on the "Employers and Agents" button.

Carefully read the employer agreement. Then, click on "I Agree" to acknowledge that you understand and agree to the information presented in the employer agreement.

Select your representative type and click on "Next."

Add your employer identification numbers and click on "Continue."

Follow the prompts to set up and sign in to your account.


Create and post your job.

Create and post your job.

Once you have registered and signed in to your account, you can start creating and posting jobs.

Indiana Career Connect vs. IndyStar Jobs:

Indiana Career Connect is completely free, whereas IndyStar Jobs' prices start at $430.00 per post. While the latter offers an applicant tracking system and job post distribution, features that Indiana Career Connect does not have, it lacks a searchable resume database, which Indiana Career Connect, on the other hand, does offer.

Indiana Career Connect vs. IndianaJobNetwork.com:

IndianaJobNetwork.com offers a wider range of hiring tools than Indiana Career Connect, including an applicant tracking system, job distribution, job post enhancements, and reporting tools. However, with a starting price of $275.00 for a 30-day post, IndianaJobNetwork.com is rather costly compared to Indiana Career Connect, which is free.

Indiana Career Connect vs. Indeed:

While Indiana Career Connect, catering only to the employment market in Indiana, offers a more targeted approach to finding local candidates, Indeed offers a far greater reach. Both platforms allow for free job postings, but only Indeed also gives employers the option to sponsor job postings for added exposure.

Key Information

Legal Name

Indiana Career Connect


10 N. Senate Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46204






What is Indiana Career Connect?

Indiana Career Connect is a local employment portal that offers free job postings and access to a resume database.

What does it cost to post a job on Indiana Career Connect?

It is free to post a job on Indiana Career Connect.

What are some alternatives to Indiana Career Connect?

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