How to Hire Restaurant Workers

Hire Restaurant Workers Top 10 Sites For Hiring Restaurant Workers

May 29th, 2019

Most restaurants need a variety of staff members in order to be successful, including servers, cooks, hosts, and managers. Use the guide below to find out how to hire restaurant workers.

We've included some tips and best practices, and a list of frequently asked questions related to hiring employees for a restaurant.

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How To Hire Restaurant Workers
How to Hire Restaurant Workers:
  1. Post jobs on restaurant job sites.
  2. Interview experienced candidates.
  3. Verify food safety certifications and other credentials.
  4. Hire the best applicant(s).
  5. Begin training/orientation in the restaurant.

Tips and Best Practices:

Have a detailed job description.

A detailed job description will help to answer a potential job applicant's questions before they speak to you, and manage their expectations. You can use our job description template as a guide to writing your job description.

Be willing to train.

Experience is important, but you may not be able to find a candidate who has the exact pairing of skills and experience that you are looking for. However, if they are willing and able to learn, be willing to train them on anything that is unique to your restaurant.

Hire applicants who live close to the restaurant.

By hiring candidates who live near your restaurant, you'll ensure that staff members are available to pick up extra shifts or come in early on short notice.

Conduct a background check.

Employee background checks may seem unnecessary, but they will help you to verify all of the information that the job applicant gives you.

Ask knowledge-testing questions.

During the job interview, ask questions that will test a job applicant's knowledge about their own role in the restaurant and the type of cuisine that you serve. This will help to demonstrate their experience and attention to detail. You can get some ideas from our Interview Questions to Ask article.


How do restaurants hire employees?

See our tips and best practices for hiring restaurant workers.

How do I find restaurant workers?

You can use restaurant job posting sites to find the best employees for your restaurant.

What employees do you need to hire for a restaurant?

A full restaurant requires a number of different types of employees, which may include:

How many employees does a restaurant need?

It depends on the type of restaurant and the size of your dining room. One or two staff members per shift may be enough for a restaurant where patrons serve themselves. However, in an eat-in restaurant where guests are served at a table, you may want one server for every 3-6 tables and 4-8 back house staff.

What is a floater in a restaurant?

Also known as server, a floater is a staff member who can "float" between the kitchen and the restaurant. This person may do everything from seating guests to serving food and working in the kitchen as needed.

How do you successfully run a restaurant?

Read this step-by-step guide on how to start a restaurant.