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Editor & Publisher Jobs is an editing job board featured on the Editor & Publisher website. Employers can post jobs to this site as well as have jobs featured in print. While the Editor & Publisher magazine has many visitors, the job board is only a small section of the larger website which may be overlooked. The low cost to post a job is reflected in the lack of hiring tools for employers.


  • Online ads are featured in a newsletter distributed to more than 50,000 people.
  • The website has approximately 160,000 visitors.
  • The job board features quick links to job categories and states.
  • Custom display ads are available for an added fee.


  • The site lacks features like applicant tracking, post analytics, and candidate matching.
  • Because it is a niche job board, job posts may receive less exposure than a general job board.
  • The website is not a dedicated job board, so visitors may not use the job board.


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How to Post a Job on Editor & Publisher Jobs:

$75.00 USD
20 Minutes
How to Post a Job on Editor & Publisher Jobs:

Read our steps below to post a job on Editor & Publisher Jobs.


Posting a job on Editor & Publisher


Select 'Post Jobs.'

Select 'Post Jobs.'

Navigate to editorandpublisher.com and select 'Post Jobs.'


Choose a package.

Choose a package.

Scroll through the available packages and choose one that suits your needs.


Create an account.

Create an account.

After choosing a package you will need to log in or create an account.


Create a new job.

Create a new job.

Go to the 'Manage Jobs' tab and select 'Post a New Job.'


Fill in your job information.

Fill in your job information.

Fill out the job description form provided and click continue.

Editor & Publisher Jobs vs. Indeed:

Indeed is the largest online job board and offers free job posting with the option to sponsor posts to make them more visible. Editor & Publisher Jobs only offers paid postings as well as custom ad displays, and the site lacks hiring tools that Indeed has like prescreening assessments and a dashboard for managing applicants.

Editor & Publisher Jobs vs. MediaBistro:

MediaBistro is a job board for jobs in the media. A single job post costs $297.00, but the site offers many other packages with additional job slots and job promotion. Editor & Publisher Jobs only has two options for a job posting and its main form of job promotion is through a newsletter, whereas MediaBistro uses social media as well as job alerts.

Editor & Publisher Jobs vs. JournalismJobs.com:

JournalismJobs.com is a job board for media positions. It costs $100.00 to post a single job, and resume search access is included in this price. Editor & Publisher Jobs does not have a resume database so that feature is not available. Employers can create animated banner ads on JournalismJobs.com which is a more advanced feature than Editor & Publisher Job's custom ads.

Key Information

Legal Name

Editor & Publisher Jobs

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1884


19606 Eagle Crest Drive, Lutz, FL 33549




1 (406) 445-0000




What is Editor & Publisher Jobs?

Editor & Publisher Jobs is an editing and publishing job board featured on the Editor & Publisher magazine's website.

What does it cost to post a job on Editor & Publisher Jobs?

Pricing to post a job ranges from $75.00 to $125.00.

How do I create an account on Editor & Publisher Jobs?

Create an account by clicking on "Post Jobs" on the home page. You'll be guided through steps, one of which includes registering an account.

What are some alternatives to Editor & Publisher Jobs?

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