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THRSC allows employers to post jobs for free on the website, so there is no pricing information to report.


THRSC is a nonprofit organization offering assistance to trucking companies and drivers on the Atlantic coast. If your trucking business operates in Atlantic Canada, THRSC is one of the best ways to find qualified applicants.


  • Very employer-friendly.
  • No cost for posting jobs.
  • Employers can find a variety of truck driver classifications, including long haul, shipping and receiving, milk truck operators, and more.
  • Employers can make changes to job posts once active.
  • Employers have access to a range of other services, including employer training, certification programs, industry resources, and more, all at no charge.


  • Limited to one geographic region.
  • Does not list jobs for American truckers.


THRSC is a respected organization in the trucking industry. Users on Facebook laud the company's training incentives and value to the trucking industry.

How to Post a Job on THRSC:

$0.00 USD
5 Minutes
How to Post a Job on THRSC:

Four easy steps to post a job on THRSC.


Posting a job on THRSC.


Submit a job.

Submit a job.

On the homepage, click "Employers", select "Job Board", scroll down to "Browse Jobs", and click "Submit a Job".


Create a free account.

Create a free account.

Add a username, your email, and password. Then, click "Create Account". Once your account has been approved by the webmaster enter all the relevant job information, including necessary qualifications and a location (if applicable). Review your post for accuracy and click "Submit."

THRSC vs. Gary's Job Board:

While THRSC is free compared to Gary's Job Board's US$25.00 fee per job post, THRSC is limited to one region along the Canadian east coast, while Gary's Job Board advertises to a much larger audience across the U.S. Both platforms offer an array of useful material for truckers.

THRSC vs. TruckDrivingJobs.com:

Users of TruckDrivingJobs.com have criticized the website for its navigational difficulty, describing it as not user friendly. Contrastingly, THRSC is easy to use. It is free of charge, while TruckDrivingJobs.com does not disclose its pricing. Each website serves a different market.

Key Information

Legal Name

THRSC Atlantic


14 Court St., Suite 301, Truro, NS, B2N 3H7, Canada




1 (902) 893-8410




How do I create a THRSC account?

  1. Go to their website.
  2. Hover over the Profile icon in the upper right-hand corner and click "Register" in the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter your basic information to complete the registration.

How much does it cost to use THRSC?

THRSC is a completely free platform so you don't have to pay to post jobs.

How can I edit a THRSC job posting?

You can edit a posting by logging into your account and locating it in your list of active jobs. Once you click on the title, you will be able to see the full posting and make changes.

How can I delete a THRSC job posting?

Postings can be deleted by clicking the "delete" icon next to the post in your account.

What kind of trucking jobs can I post on THRSC?

  • Long haul.
  • Milk truck operator.
  • Dispatcher.
  • Heavy truck mechanic.
  • Dump truck driver.

How do I find the best drivers on THRSC?

THRSC does not allow you to search through resumes. However, creating a detailed job post that includes information about hours, compensation, benefits, etc. will help you to get a good response from job seekers. Ensure that you include a list of necessary qualifications in your job post to avoid getting responses from unqualified applicants.

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