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Quill and Quire charges a standard rate of C$295.00 to post a job listing on their job board for 30 days.


Quill and Quire is a book industry publication that releases ten print editions of its widely-read magazine every year. The company also hosts a website where they provide information on news and developments within the publishing and book industries of Canada.

The site's job board offers employers in North America a targeted approach to posting editing, writing, marketing, publishing, and other-related positions online. Quill and Quire also promotes job listings through its Twitter account.


  • The Quill and Quire job board targets a candidate pool of people interested in reading, publishing, and writing.
  • The site provides information such as industry news, new book deals, author profiles, awards, and online newsletters.
  • Employers do not need to register an account with the site in order to post jobs.
  • The site receives a consistently high amount of monthly visitors, with over 65% of its web traffic coming from Canada.
  • Employers can post job opportunities in both Canada and the U.S.
  • The site promotes job listings through its Twitter page.


  • The site has fewer than 10 jobs advertised.
  • The company has nearly 6,500 followers on Facebook, but doesn't advertise jobs on the social media platform.
  • The site doesn't offer a free job posting option or a trial period.
  • The Quill & Quire job board doesn't offer employers recruitment tools like an applicant tracking system.
  • The site only accepts payment via PayPal.


We were unable to find any online reviews of Quill and Quire's job board.

Quill and Quire vs. Editors Canada Job Board:

Editors Canada Job Board is a publishing job board similar to Quill and Quire. It does not offer a direct online job posting process and instead requires employers to contact the company to advertise opportunities. By contrast, Quill and Quire lets employers create and pay for job listings through its site.

Quill and Quire vs. Jeff Gaulin's Job Board:

Jeff Gaulin's Job Board is a popular Canadian journalism and media job board, that charges C$100.00 to post a job, which is almost a third of the cost of posting through Quill and Quire. Jeff Gaulin's Job Board also accepts online credit card payment, while Quill and Quire only accepts payments for posts via PayPal.

Quill and Quire vs. FreshGigs.ca:

FreshGigs.ca is a Canadian tech and creative job posting site. While Quill and Quire and Freshgigs.ca have some overlap in the types of jobs listed, for the most part, these sites cater to different job seekers. Out of the two, FreshGigs.ca offers the more affordable posting option, charging nearly C$200.00 less than Quill and Quire.

Key Information

Legal Name

St. Joseph Media

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1935


15 Benton Rd., Toronto, ON M6M 3G2








What is Quill and Quire?

Quill and Quire is a Canadian print and digital magazine that publishes information about the book industry. The site provides news, insights, analysis, and reviews of publishing, books, and authors.

What does it cost to post a job on Quill and Quire?

Quill and Quire charge a fee of C$295.00 for posting a premium listing to their job board.

How do I create an account on Quill and Quire?

You don't need to create an account with Quill and Quire to post a job to their job board.

How do I delete a job post on Quill and Quire?

Employers who would like to edit or delete a job listing on the Quill and Quire job board should contact the company by email.

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