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Diversity Careers (Canada)



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Diversity Careers is a niche job board that offers free postings and complete access to an intuitive dashboard. With a focus on job postings that advocate for diversity in the workforce, Diversity Careers provides helpful tools that range from company profiles and CV database searches to employer branding and unlimited post durations.


  • Diversity Careers is a 100% free platform that provides a more targeted hiring approach.
  • Employers gain access to an impressive dashboard and a CV database.
  • The platform offers access to basic applicant tracking tools to help streamline recruitment.
  • Businesses and/or organizations can post courses to attract local talent.
  • Employers can use the dashboard to communicate with potential candidates.
  • Posting a new job ad is a seamless process that can be completed in two steps.
  • Thanks to its free plan, Diversity Careers is more affordable than some competitors, such as Jobs.ca and JobBoard.lgbt.


  • The platform is not available in French.
  • Diversity Careers lacks featured listings and bulk job postings.


We were unable to find online reviews of Diversity Careers.


It's free to post a job ad on Diversity Careers.

How to Post a Job on Diversity Careers (Canada):

0.00 CAD
5 Minutes
How to Post a Job on Diversity Careers (Canada):

Two easy steps for posting a job on Diversity Careers.


Posting a job on Diversity Careers.


Create an employers account.

Create an employers account.

Navigate to Diversity Careers' home page and hover over "For Employers" until a drop-down menu appears. Next, click on "Post jobs for free" in the drop-down menu.

Complete the account registration form and click on "Submit."

You will then receive an email requesting you to activate your account. Click on the verification link provided to complete the process.


Create a job posting.

Create a job posting.

From the employer dashboard, click on "Post a Job" and complete the job ad form with the required information, including its location, salary, and description.

Toward the end of the job ad form, click on "Submit."

Diversity Careers vs. JobBoard.lgbt:

While both JobBoard.lgbt and Diversity Careers focus on diversity in the workforce, only the former serves the LGBTQ+ community. In comparison, Diversity Careers provides a wider reach, and the platform is completely free. JobBoard.lgbt, on the other hand, charges employers C$149.00 per post.

Diversity Careers vs. Pink Jobs:

Similar to Diversity Careers, Pink Jobs is a diversity job board that helps the LGBTQ+ community in Canada. However, while both platforms are free of charge, the two competitors offer different features. With Diversity Careers, employers enjoy applicant tracking tools, whereas Pink Jobs provides candidate-matching capabilities.

Diversity Careers vs. Jobs.ca:

Unlike Diversity Careers, Jobs.ca offers no free job posting plan nor a targeted hiring approach. Instead, employers are charged C$325.00 per post, but the platform does offer better reach. However, Diversity Careers is completely free, and it's the better option for employers looking to add more diversity to their teams.

Key Information

Legal Name

Diversity Careers Inc.

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2007


Toronto, Ontario M1V 3M2








How much does it cost to post a job on Diversity Careers?

Diversity Careers does not charge employers to post vacancies. Employers can create an account and post jobs for free.

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