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Adzuna Canada does not provide employers the option to post jobs directly to their site. Employers need to contact Adzuna for pricing and other information.


Although Adzuna was founded in the U.K. and has its headquarters in London, its focus is international. Employers seeking to attract applicants from around the world to positions in Canada should consider this site.

Adzuna's job site features a hi-tech job search engine with powerful candidate matching capabilities. Millions of job seekers in Canada use Adzuna, and their search engine includes jobs from major job boards. Adzuna, however, does not provide employers with the option to post jobs on their site unless you contact their team for pricing and other information.


  • The site attracts tens of millions of unique and diverse site visitors a month.
  • Features a job search engine with transparent, cutting edge candidate matching technology.
  • Job feed integration results in qualified candidates being driven straight to employers' applicant tracking systems (ATSs).
  • An API solution for jobs to be displayed on employers' own websites is available.


  • Employers must contact Adzuna Canada if they want to post a job.
  • No candidate management dashboard is included.
  • Employers don't have access to a resume database.


Adzuna has been named the top job search engine used by job boards around the world in JobBoardDoctor’s 2020-21 Recruiting Sites Survey. Adzuna Canada attracted no negative user reviews.

How to Post a Job on Adzuna:

0.00 CAD
5 Minutes
How to Post a Job on Adzuna:

Adzuna does not provide employers with the option to post directly to their site. However, you can contact them about your job vacancies by following these three easy steps.


Posting a Job on Adzuna.

Navigate to Adzuna.

Go to the Adzuna home page.


Click on "Suggest source."

Click on "Suggest source."

You will see this small link on the left of the home page just below the main page banner where it says "100,000+ of the latest jobs from the best job boards and employers."


Complete the online form.

Complete the online form.

On the next page, select "Would like to advertise on Adzuna" in step 1. In step 2, enter the message you would like to send to Adzuna as well as your email address. Finally, click on "Submit form." A representative will contact you shortly.

Adzuna vs. Eluta.ca:

Adzuna features local and global jobs, while Eluta.ca has a local focus. Both syndicate jobs from major boards and offer powerful job search engines. Eluta.ca aggregates jobs from employers' career sites, with free posting options. Adzuna allows direct job posting on their site, but employers first need to contact them to discuss pricing options.

Adzuna vs. Indeed:

Both Adzuna and Indeed feature general job search engines. Indeed offers a free unpromoted job listing option and promoted posts where employers can set their own pay-per-click budgets. Employers need to contact Adzuna for pricing details.

Adzuna vs. ZipRecruiter:

Adzuna and ZipRecruiter differ in that Adzuna features a powerful global job search engine, while ZipRecruiter syndicates job posts to over a hundred other international job boards. Adzuna requires employers to contact them for pricing details, whereas ZipRecruiter's pricing is U.S.-based and starts at US$249.00 per month for a single job post.

Adzuna vs. LinkedIn:

Adzuna and LinkedIn differ in that Adzuna features a global job search engine, while LinkedIn is an international social network that includes job postings. Both identify suitable matches, but only LinkedIn features an employers’ dashboard. Adzuna's job posting prices are available on request, while LinkedIn offers flexible pay-per-click options.

Key Information

Legal Name



Doug Monro

Founding Date

Jan. 01, 2011


First Floor, 40 Vanston Place, London, SW6 1AX, Great Britain




Is Adzuna any good?

Yes. They offer local job seekers a powerful job search engine that syndicates millions of jobs from major local and international job boards. Canadian employers benefit from their advanced candidate matching technology and international reach.

What is Adzuna?

Adzuna is a job search site that connects employers with job seekers in 16 countries around the world, including Canada.

How much does it cost to post a job on Adzuna?

Adzuna does not give employers the option to post a job directly to their site. Instead, employers must contact the company to discuss options for posting a job vacancy.

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