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AppFutura is an international business directory, information hub, and marketplace for development and digital marketing. Initially started as a project between two young developers at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress, AppFutura has become a go-to website for people looking to hire top talent for development, marketing, and web design projects.

The application offers Australians an efficient and easy means of getting assistance from verified developers and digital marketing agencies. Companies can receive multiple proposals for posted projects, and AppFutura assigns a dedicated project manager to assist them with their project posting.


  • Most of AppFutura's services are free.
  • The platform has a simple signup and project posting process.
  • Employers can search for developers by location, company, and services offered.
  • They host approved IT and marketing companies with their directory.
  • AppFutura reaches a wider audience than local tech sites such as TechSydney Job Board.
  • The platform allows for people to post projects and receive multiple proposals.
  • The site is built by developers, for developers.
  • All companies listed on their site are reviewed regularly by clients and AppFutura.
  • Project posters get a personal project manager assigned to them.
  • The platform offers assistance from the AppFutura team with app development projects.


  • Project postings aren't the website's primary aim.
  • The website is only available in English.
  • The site only provides pricing in U.S. dollars.


While we could not find any independent reviews of AppFutura's project posting services, they do provide a testimonial page of companies who have used their services in the past.

How to Post a Project on AppFutura:

$0.00 USD
5 Minutes
How to Post a Project on AppFutura:

Three easy steps for posting a project on AppFutura.


Posting a project on AppFutura.


Select "Post a project."

Select "Post a project."

Navigate to the AppFutura home page and click on "Post a project" in the center of the page.


Fill in your project description.

Fill in your project description.

Tell the community a bit about your idea and needs for the project. Indicate your budget and then select the optional project posting package you want. Select "Create app project" to move to the next step.


Validate your account.

Validate your account.

An email will be sent to verify your account. Check your inbox, click on the link, and your account will be validated.

AppFutura will then review and validate your project and release it for viewing.

AppFutura vs. TechSydney Job Board:

TechSydney Job Board is an Australian site that lets employers post jobs for free. In comparison to AppFutura, the site is a localized platform with similar features; however, it facilitates job posting rather than project posting. In terms of reach, AppFutura's international presence may offer businesses a wider range of choices and price points.

AppFutura vs. Jora:

Jora is an international job aggregator based in Australia that also lets companies from various sectors post up to 10 jobs per month for free. AppFutura specializes in applications and digital marketing. Australian employers may find both sites useful, depending on their specific needs and budgetary considerations.

AppFutura vs. CareerOne:

CareerOne allows employers to post job opportunities for free on their site but requires credit purchases for employers to view, invite, or review candidate applications. AppFutura offers free and paid project posting options, but allows their listed developers and designers to pitch proposals to companies at no cost to either party.

Key Information

Legal Name

AppFutura, S.L.


Bernat Guitart

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2014


Carrer de Sant Francesc 4, 08290 Cerdanyola del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain






What is AppFutura?

AppFutura is an IT developer marketplace that hosts a directory of providers and gives businesses the opportunity to post projects for consideration by member companies.

What does it cost to post a project on AppFutura?

While they do not charge for project postings, AppFutura's pricing for optional extras starts at US$5.00.

How do I create an account on AppFutura?

  1. Go to their home page.
  2. Select "Post a project."
  3. Enter your project details as well as your personal information.
  4. Select "Create app project."
  5. Verify your email and your account will be created.

When was AppFutura founded?

AppFutura was initially founded in 2012 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The company officially launched in January 2014.

Who is AppFutura's CEO?

AppFutura's CEO and founder is Bernat Guitart. Together with his cofounder and CTO, Àlex Aubets, they run AppFutura from their offices in Barcelona, Spain.

How can I report a fake review on AppFutura?

You can report a fake review immediately by sending an email to hello@appfutura.com. Their team will then investigate the case.

Is AppFutura a freelancing portal?

No. AppFutura offers a leading IT & Marketing directory and drives traffic to the companies listed in their directories.

What are some alternatives to AppFutura?

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