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Basic Job Posting for 60 days PLUS Unlimited 60 day Resume Database Access


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*Employers interested in Actuary.com's job posting bundles should view the platform's pricing page for more details.


Actuary.com is a resource hub and job board for those in the finance and risk management industries. Here, candidates can post their resumes on a comprehensive database that's available to employers and enjoy access to additional educational resources like finance-related guides, courses, and books, among others.

Employers looking to hire qualified actuaries can either browse through the resume database or post a job ad on the site's job board. The platform is also well-priced compared to other job sites.


  • Actuary.com puts employers in immediate contact with job seekers that are already based in the field.
  • More than 1,600 employers have used the job board to hire talent.
  • The platform offers a wide range of job posting plans to suit different hiring needs.
  • Listings are distributed to other job boards, such as ZipRecruiter, for increased visibility.
  • The site features an extensive resume database of over 28,000 qualified actuaries.
  • Employers can opt to have their job post added to the home page to enhance its exposure.
  • Other hiring services include employer branding and targeted email alerts.
  • Compared to other niche sites, Actuary.com's starting prices are more affordable.
  • Additional resources include finance-related guides, courses, and books, among others.


  • Actuary.com only caters to the U.S. job market.
  • The platform has a lot of paid add-ons which can result in an expensive final total.
  • Employers must pay extra to gain access to the site's candidate database.
  • Because this is a niche job site, employers won't receive the same results as high-traffic job boards.


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How to Post a Job on Actuary.com:

$225.00 USD
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on Actuary.com:

Five easy steps for posting a job on Actuary.com.


Posting a job on Actuary.com.


Go to Actuary.com.

Go to Actuary.com.

On the home page and click on "POST A JOB" in the top-right corner.


Choose a job posting plan.

Choose a job posting plan.

Read through the different job posting packages available and click on "BUY" or "POST MY JOB" by the applicable plan.


Create an employer account.

Create an employer account.

Fill out the online form labeled "New Employers, Recruiters and Agencies Create An Account." Once you're done, click on "CREATE MY ACCOUNT."


Create your listing.

Create your listing.

Select your preferred job posting plan and scroll down to the online form labeled "Settings." Fill out the required fields with information about your listings, such as the job basics, job description, requirements, and location. Once you're done, click on "Continue."

To preview your listing, click on "Preview."


Purchase your job post.

Purchase your job post.

Review your order and ensure that you've selected the correct posting plan. Choose your preferred payment method and either click on "Credit Card," "PayPal," or "Invoice" to complete your purchase.

Actuary.com vs. eFinancialCareers:

The primary differences between eFinancialCareers and Actuary.com are their target audiences and reach. While both job boards list financial jobs, eFinancialCareers provides more job categories and has a global reach. Actuary.com, on the other hand, only advertises actuary jobs and predominately caters to the U.S. job market.

Actuary.com vs. Ladders:

Between the two competitors, Ladders is the more costly option, with prices starting at $599.00 per posting, which is an entire $375.00 more than Actuary.com's basic listing, which starts at $225.00 per post. However, with Ladders, employers enjoy better ad traffic thanks to the site's various financial job categories.

Actuary.com vs. Indeed:

Indeed and Actuary.com both advertise financial jobs. But, while Indeed is a great place to find finance job seekers, it's also used as a general job board. Unlike Indeed, Actuary.com is a niche job board that places employers in direct contact with qualified actuaries. However, Indeed offers a free job posting plan.

Key Information

Legal Name

RSG, Inc.


849 Morningcreek Dr., Ste. 400, Kennesaw, GA 30152




1 (770) 425-8576




How much does it cost to post a job on Actuary.com?

Pricing varies according to the type of package that you need. However, packages start from $299.00.

How can I edit an Actuary.com job posting?

  1. Log in to your employer account and click on the "My Jobs" tab.
  2. Select the post you would like to edit, and save your changes before you navigate back to the main menu.

How long will my job post stay on Actuary.com?

Your job post will be visible for 30 or 60 days, depending on the package that you choose.

How can I delete an Actuary.com job posting?

To remove one of your postings, select it from your list of jobs and click on "delete."

Does Actuary.com provide assistance with interviewing candidates?

Yes, Actuary.com has interview assistance available in the form of interview questions and tips that you can find on their webite.

How do I create an Actuary.com account?

  1. Navigate to the Actuary.com home page, hover over "Employers," and select "My Account."
  2. Fill out the online form labeled "New Employers, Recruiters and Agencies Create An Account."
  3. Click on "CREATE MY ACCOUNT."

Does Actuary.com offer assistance with promoting my job post?

Yes, Actuary.com offers an add-on feature called Job Flash Email which adds your job post to their Featured Job box and emails it to thousands of job seekers.

Can I track applicants to my job posts on Actuary.com?

Yes, Actuary.com has a tracking feature that helps you to track all the applicants to your job posts.

Does Actuary.com have a database of candidates that I can access?

Yes, Actuary.com has an extensive database of thousands of candidates available. Access to the database is free for those who subscribe to certain packages, while others can expect to pay anywhere between $95.00 to $1,695.00 for access to the database, depending on how long you wish to gain access for.

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