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Top Sites for Hiring Programmers:


Job Board



From £290.00 +VAT /post.


From £100.00 /post.

3.IT Job Board

From £199.00 /post.


From £139.00 +VAT /post.

5.CW Jobs

From £249.00 +VAT /post.


Project dependent.


From US$495.00 /post.


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Free and paid options.

Hire Developers

Find the top sites for hiring developers in the U.K.


What are the best job boards to hire a programmer in the U.K.?

Where can I find freelance programmers in the U.K.?

How do I hire a programmer for a startup?

There is no shortage of programmers in today's marketplace. However, some programmers have more expertise than others and are able to offer more value to their services. When looking for programmers, particularly freelance programmers, remember these tips:

  • Find developers online using trusted sites, such as Toptal and Dice. These sites screen their members and act as a secure payment gateway between buyers and sellers.
  • Always ask candidates for more information about their previous programming experience and request samples of their work, if possible. This way, you will know if they are capable of creating what you want before you pay them.
  • Agree on a project budget or hourly rate before the job begins.

How much does it cost to hire a freelance programmer in the United Kingdom?

There are a number of different factors that will determine the price, such as their experience, certifications, the size of your project, and so on. However, programmers in the U.K. charge an average of £25.20 per hour, and generally earn around £36,742 per year.

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