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greater.jobs is an award-wining job board that advertises job openings across Greater Manchester and beyond. As the designated job board for 12 local authorities in North West, the platform is ideal for employers looking to advertise full-time positions and apprenticeships. Features to look out for include applicant tracking and six-week postings.


  • greater.jobs' advertisements are published on the job board for six weeks.
  • Employers can choose to have their advertisement posted on the company's Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.
  • The company claims to receive over 1,5 million monthly views.
  • greater.jobs provides additional business services, such as blog promotion and online applications.
  • Candidates can set up job alerts, which help improve response times on applications.
  • Applications are sent directly to the employer's email.
  • Reputable organizations that have used the platform include BlackpoolCouncil, Wigan Council, and Manchester City Council.


  • Employers cannot post jobs directly to the greater.jobs website.
  • Unlike its competitors, greater.jobs charges employers an additional £150.00 to upload a company logo.
  • Employers must pay £40.00 per post for social media sharing.
  • The basic Job Advertisement package does not include company branding.
  • The company's customer support is only available via email.
  • greater.jobs does not offer a free trial or free posting package.
  • The platform does not offer access to a CV database.
  • If the Company Setup Form is missing information or has any issues, greater.jobs charges a fee of £15.00 to reissue the form.


We were unable to find employer reviews of greater.jobs online.




Job Advertisement

£185.00 +VAT /post.

Social Media Sharing

£40.00 /post.

Logo Upload

£150.00 /one-time fee.

How to Post a Job on greater.jobs:

£185.00 GBP
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on greater.jobs:

Three easy steps for posting a job ad on greater.jobs.


Posting a job on greater.jobs.

Navigate to the greater.jobs home page.

Go to greater.jobs' home page and scroll down to the bottom menu. Here, click on "Advertise With Us."


Complete the Customer Setup Form.

Complete the Customer Setup Form.

Read through the different services on offer, and make sure that you identify which package would suit your requirements. When you're ready to continue, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Customer Setup Form."

A Word document should automatically download. Fill in your company's details and the job description.


Send your completed form to greater.jobs' customer support.

Send your completed form to greater.jobs' customer support.

Once you've completed the Customer Setup Form, email the document to customers@greater.jobs.

greater.jobs vs. I Love MCR Job Board:

While both greater.jobs and I Love MCR target the Greater Manchester area, the latter is not predominantly known as a job board, which could impact the job ad's reach. However, I Love MCR does provide a free plan, a benefit missing from greater.jobs' listings. That said, for a more extensive U.K. reach, greater.jobs stands out as the better option.

greater.jobs vs. Manchester Digital:

The most notable distinction between the two competitors is their target market. While Manchester Digital targets the tech community in Greater Manchester, greater.jobs welcomes a variety of positions, and its reach extends beyond Manchester. That said, greater.jobs is the more costly option, with its entry-level plan costing £125.00 more.

greater.jobs vs. Find a job:

Comparatively, Find a job offers the best value for money, thanks to its free plan and national reach. However, while greater.jobs does advertise jobs outside of Manchester, the platform does offer better reach in Greater Manchester, making it ideal for local employers. Additionally, greater.jobs is trusted by 12 local authorities and key services.

Key Information

Legal Name


Founding Date

Dec 01, 2016






What is greater.jobs?

greater.jobs is an online job board that advertises vacancies across Greater Manchester and beyond. The service includes standard applicant tracking and six weeks of post duration, and it allows employers to advertise their blogs and social media feeds.

How much does it cost to post a job ad on greater.jobs?

It costs £185.00 +VAT to advertise a vacancy on greater.jobs' website. The platform also offers a range of promotional packages that help improve its reach.

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