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Launched in 2001, ExecutivesOnTheWeb.com was the U.K.'s first job board dedicated to the executive job market. The platform is the self-proclaimed market leader in connecting employers with top executive candidates throughout the U.K. and abroad.

The platform offers a variety of recruitment resources such as e-courses, a CV database of executive candidates, and a comprehensive job filter and search function, all for a competitive price.


  • The specialized job board focuses on executive roles throughout the U.K. for a variety of industries.
  • The platform features a dedicated account manager to help employers with their recruitment needs.
  • Job posts are shared via the company's Twitter account.
  • The platform's pricing packages are more affordable than competitors like The Times & Sunday Times Appointments and The Director-e.
  • Employers can search and download CVs from the site's executive candidate database.
  • The premium package offers employer branding services and job posts are distributed via targeted emails.


  • There is no free job posting option.
  • Job posts are not distributed to other job boards.


ExecutivesOnTheWeb.com received mixed reviews on Trustpilot, with some users citing that they experienced difficulty unsubscribing to emails, while another user praised the job board, giving it a 5 out of 5-star rating.

Client testimonials on the company's website praise the quality of the candidates they received and the efficiency of the platform.

How to Post a Job on ExecutivesOnTheWeb.com:

£250.00 GBP
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on ExecutivesOnTheWeb.com:

Four easy steps for posting a job on ExecutivesOnTheWeb.com.


Posting a Job on ExecutivesOnTheWeb.com.

Navigate to the ExecutivesOnTheWeb.com home page.

From the home page, click on "Register" in the top right corner. On the next page, click on "RECRUITER."


Create your account.

Create your account.

Fill in the online form with your details, read through and accept the terms and conditions as well as the Cookie policy. Then, click "Register" toward the bottom of the page.


Create your job post.

Create your job post.

From your dashboard, click on "Post a Job." Create your job post by filling in the online form with the details of your vacancy.

Enter the job title, location, compensation, and job description.

Select the primary and secondary sectors as well as the type of employment contract.

Specify which regions you would like to advertise your job in.

Finally, enter your contact information.

Once complete, you can review your job post by clicking "PREVIEW CHANGES."

You can edit your post by clicking "BACK" or continue by clicking "SAVE AND CLOSE."


Purchase your job package.

Purchase your job package.

Once you're happy with your job post, select a package toward the bottom of the page, and then click "PURCHASE PACKAGE."

On the next page, enter your billing details and click "SUBMIT ORDER" to complete the payment.

Once your job post has been processed, it will appear on the ExecutivesOnTheWeb.com job board.

ExecutivesOnTheWeb.com vs. The Director-e:

Both The Director-e and ExecutivesOnTheWeb.com feature an executive CV database and promote job ads via their social media platforms. The Director-e has a greater social media reach and offers employers unlimited free job postings for the first three months, unlike ExecutivesOnTheWeb.com which charges £250.00 + VAT for a single job post.

ExecutivesOnTheWeb.com vs. Reed.co.uk:

Reed.co.uk is a general job board that advertises vacancies at all career levels. Comparatively, ExecutivesOnTheWeb.com primarily lists senior-level jobs, which might be the better option for targeted hiring. While Reed.co.uk's plans start at £89.00 per post, ExecutivesOnTheWeb.com's single job post costs £250.00.

ExecutivesOnTheWeb.com vs. AllExecutiveJobs.com:

AllExecutiveJobs.com is a similar platform to ExecutivesOnTheWeb.com as they both cater to employers looking to fill C-level management positions. AllExecutiveJobs.com is the more affordable option as they offer a free job posting service, while ExecutivesOnTheWeb.com charges £250.00 + VAT for a single job post.

Key Information

Legal Name

Executives on the Web Ltd


Brian Varley

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2001


Trinity House 33A, Market St., Lichfield, Staffordshire WS13 6LA




01543 411454




What is ExecutivesOnTheWeb.com?

ExecutivesOnTheWeb.com is a British job board where employers can post their job vacancies for C-level management positions that earn upwards of £50,000.00 per year.

What does it cost to post a job on ExecutivesOnTheWeb.com?

ExecutivesOnTheWeb.com's pricing starts from £250.00 + VAT for a single job post. Contact the company by phone or via email to request a free quote for multiple job postings.

How do I create an account on ExecutivesOnTheWeb.com?

  1. Go to ExecutivesOnTheWeb.com.
  2. Click on "Register" in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Select "RECRUITER."
  4. Fill out the online form and click "Register."

How do I delete a job post on ExecutivesOnTheWeb.com?

  1. Log in to your recruiter account.
  2. From your dashboard, click on "Manage Jobs."
  3. Click on "DEACTIVATE" next to the job post that you would like to delete.

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