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Authentic Jobs is an international tech jobs platform with a strong presence in the U.S. They help small companies and tech giants to hire qualified IT professionals from around the globe. Employers can choose between two paid job posting plans, while job seekers can upload resumes and apply to jobs for free.

The platform's U.S. dollars job posting prices are more affordable than some top local niche boards, making it ideal for U.K. employers looking to extend their job adverts' reach internationally.


  • Employers not satisfied with the platform's service qualify for a free job reposting or a full refund.
  • A choice between two paid monthly subscription plans is offered.
  • Nonprofit organizations and educational institutions qualify for discounted rates.
  • A job monitoring dashboard allows employers easy application reviews, job post edits, and subscription renewals.
  • Optional extras to boost job posting exposure are available.
  • The platform's Facebook page has over 1,800 followers and job postings are shared on their Twitter account.
  • The site is more affordable than well-known local tech job boards like IT Job Board, Technojobs, and CW Jobs.


  • No free job posting trial is available.
  • The platform features fewer local on-site jobs than other local options, such as Boolerang that caters specifically to the London area.
  • Job post syndication to boost exposure on other job boards is charged extra.
  • Access to a CV database is not available.
  • Candidate matching is not provided.
  • No applicant tracking system or job feed integration is featured.


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1 Standard Job Listing

US$149.00 /mo.

1 Featured Job Listing

US$199.00 /mo.

Optional Extras to Boost Exposure*

Contact for quote.

*Employers can boost their job adverts' exposure by opting to distribute their job posts to a selection of other job boards, including Dribbble, We Work Remotely, and Startup-Jobs. Interested parties can contact Authentic Jobs for more information.

How to Post a Job on Authentic Jobs:

$149.00 USD
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on Authentic Jobs:

Three easy steps for posting a job on Authentic Jobs.


Posting a job on Authentic Jobs.


Click on "Post a Job."

Click on "Post a Job."

Navigate to the home page and click on "Post a Job" in the top-right corner of the page.


Fill in the form.

Fill in the form.

Complete all the required fields, including your email address and a new password, your job post details, and your company information. Click on "Preview" at the end to review your job posting. Once done, click on "Choose a Package."

You can opt to upload your company's logo by clicking on "Choose File" under the "Logo" heading.


Choose a package and pay.

Choose a package and pay.

Select which package of the two best suits your needs.

Enter your payment details.

Proceed to checkout and submit your job post.

Authentic Jobs vs. Technojobs:

Technojobs is one of the leading IT and technical job sites in the U.K. and forms part of an extensive local IT job board network. While it is less affordable than Authentic Jobs, it also has more to offer, including an array of job posting options, a searchable CV database, and more social media exposure.

Authentic Jobs vs. CW Jobs:

Both Authentic Jobs and CW Jobs cater to the tech market. While Authentic Jobs features global opportunities, CW Jobs is focused on the U.K. market. CW Jobs attracts more traffic in the U.K. than Authentic Jobs and also features a searchable database with more than 1 million CVs, which Authentic Jobs does not.

Authentic Jobs vs. IT Job Board:

IT Job Board is less affordable than Authentic Jobs, but it offers greater reach within the U.K., with adverts also being posted across a local network of IT-related sites. While neither features free job posting options, only IT Job Board includes applicant management tools and access to a searchable CV database.

Key Information

Legal Name

Authentic Jobs, Inc.


Cameron Moll

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2005


18 Shipyard Dr., Ste. 2A, Hingham, Massachusetts 02043 USA




00 1 (941) 677–8878




What is Authentic Jobs?

Authentic Jobs is a U.S.-based international tech job board that provides job seekers with a wealth of employment opportunities while also providing employers with a way to connect with qualified IT talent.

How much does it cost to post a job on Authentic Jobs?

Authentic Jobs offers employers a choice between two paid subscription plans. Their pricing starts at US$149.00 per month for a single job listing. Nonprofits and educational institutions qualify for discounted rates.

How can I edit a job posting on Authentic Jobs?

  1. Find the confirmation email you received after having posted your job listing.
  2. In the email, click on the link to your account dashboard.
  3. If you can't find the confirmation message, email Authentic Jobs to resend the link.
  4. Find the job listing you wish to edit and proceed with your editing.
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts to publish your edited job post.

What are some alternatives to Authentic Jobs?

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