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Student Edge

May 31st, 2019

Student Edge is a website for students that includes a database of job postings from across Australia. Student Edge helps students find job opportunities and other resources that they need to start their careers.

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There is no cost for Student Edge job postings because the company aggregates listings from other local job sites.

Key Information:


Craig Chetty, Damien Langley, Jeremy Chetty, Simon Loader




Perth, Australia


Damien Langley

Phone Number

61 (1300) 843 334


Suite 2, 454 Roberts Rd., Subiaco, West Australia, 6008



How do I post a job on Student Edge?

Job postings on Student Edge are actually aggregated from other job sites, so you cannot post a listing directly on Student Edge.

How often does Student Edge update their job database?

Student Edge is constantly evaluating local job postings to give students the most relevant search results.

What area does Student Edge cover?

Student Edge covers all of Australia, so users from across the country can use the site to find new job opportunities.