Startupers Job Posting


June 3rd, 2019

Startupers is a free online job posting site where tech companies and startups can post employment opportunities. The site's simple interface lists new jobs by date and candidates can click on them to view more details and apply.

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Startupers does not charge employers to post jobs on their site.

How to Post a Job on Startupers:

  1. Log into your Startupers account.
  2. Click the red "Post Job" button.
  3. Enter the job information and click "Post Job."

Startupers Key Information Table:


Craig Tockman, Devin B. Holmes


San Francisco, CA


Devin B. Holmes

Phone Number

1 (415) 350-1044


60 29th St., San Francisco, CA, 94110



How can I edit a Startupers job posting?

To edit your Startupers job postings, click the "My Stuff" icon and then select the job you would like to edit from your job list.

How can I delete a Startupers job posting?

To delete or manage Startupers job postings, go to the "My Stuff" page and click on the posting you would like to remove, then click the "Delete" icon.

How do I create a Startupers account?

Go to and click the box in the top right-hand corner and then click "Join." Enter a username, email address and password and then click "Create new account."

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