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Posting jobs on the ReliefWeb job board is a free service for the humanitarian community. Any job opportunities posted on ReliefWeb must be relevant to sectors of humanitarian response.


ReliefWeb is a highly trustworthy site created by the U.N. that provides a free service for the humanitarian sector, as well as additional resources and information. On ReliefWeb's job portal, humanitarian organizations can post job opportunities that are relevant to humanitarian response sectors.


  • The ReliefWeb job board offers its job posting services for free.
  • Users can post jobs and training opportunities.
  • Posts can be edited or deleted at any time.
  • The platform reaches a targeted group of passionate professionals in the humanitarian sector.
  • ReliefWeb has quite a large following on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


  • The platform does not offer access to a resume database.
  • The ReliefWeb job board has no applicant tracking system, social media sharing, or sponsored features.


We were unable to find any online reviews of the ReliefWeb job board.

ReliefWeb Job Board vs. Indeed:

The ReliefWeb job board offers a free job posting service that's targeted at professionals who are passionate about humanitarian organizations, so there is a clear advantage to using it over Indeed. However, Indeed offers the advantages of greater reach, resume search functions, and sponsored posts.

ReliefWeb Job Board vs. LinkedIn:

Although the ReliefWeb job board does not offer a candidate database or applicant tracking tools, it has the advantage of catering to a niche market of passionate professionals. LinkedIn, on the other hand, offers access to a larger candidate pool and better features, such as lead management and resume searches.

ReliefWeb Job Board vs. Google for Jobs:

Both the ReliefWeb job board and Google for Jobs offer free job postings, so employers may want to use both platforms. The ReliefWeb job board offers a direct route to professionals who are passionate about humanitarian causes, but making job postings available to Google for Jobs can increase their reach greatly at no additional cost.

Key Information

Legal Name


Founding Date

Jan 01, 1996


New York, NY 10017






What does ReliefWeb offer?

ReliefWeb is a website that provides humanitarian information on global crises and disasters. It also provides job listings and training programs.

What does it cost to post a job on the ReliefWeb job board?

It is free to post jobs and training opportunities on the ReliefWeb job board. Only opportunities relating to sectors of humanitarian response are accepted on the platform.

How do I create an account on ReliefWeb?

To create an account on ReliefWeb, users need to register a Humanitarian ID account, which can then be linked to ReliefWeb and used to log in as a user.

How do I delete a job post on the ReliefWeb job board?

  1. Log in to your ReliefWeb account.
  2. Select “My account.”
  3. Click on “View my posts.”
  4. Find the job you want to delete, select "Edit," then scroll down, and select "Close Job."

What are some alternatives to the ReliefWeb job board?

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