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Layover Com

May 28th, 2019 is a website for employers who want to advertise driving opportunities for professional truck drivers. The site aggregates job opportunities from major carriers across the USA, and drivers can apply to postings directly through the website, make it easier for employers to find the candidates they're looking for.

Pricing: does not list any pricing information on their website.

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Layover Com Review:

Pros: Gives employers national exposure to job applicants.

Cons: Jobs cannot be posted directly to the site as they must be aggregated directly from the carrier's site.

Bottomline: A great place to advertise jobs, but employers have no direct control over postings on the site.

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Akron, PA



How do I create a account? does not offer employer accounts.

How do I edit a job posting?

Postings cannot be edited directly through since they are gathered from employer sites. You need access to the root posting to make changes.

How do I delete a job posting?

You can delete a posting by removing the original posting from your courier company website.