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It's free for registered employers to post jobs on the Kentucky Career Center job board.


The Kentucky Career Center is a state-run career information platform for both job seekers and employers in Kentucky. While the job board is an excellent resource for local employers, it is missing more advanced hiring features that are included on paid job boards such as extended job posts, featured listings, and social media sharing.


  • The Kentucky Career Center receives over 200,000 monthly visits.
  • Job posting is free for registered employers.
  • Jobs are distributed to the National Labor Exchange network.
  • The Kentucky Career Center also provides the latest employment news and information links.
  • Job posts are not limited by industry or location as long as they are in the state of Kentucky.


  • There is no option to place featured listings or extended posts.
  • The platform does not offer candidate matching or applicant tracking tools.


The Kentucky Career Center has a 1.2 rating on Facebook based on the opinion of over 180 people. However, the reviews do not reflect the job board and are mainly focused on the poor information systems and the slow payout of unemployment insurance.

How to Post a Job on the Kentucky Career Center Job Board:

In order to post a job on the Kentucky Career Center job board, employers must first register with the National Labor Exchange. Registration requires a valid FEIN and SEIN to prove that you are a registered employer in Kentucky.

Kentucky Career Center vs. KentuckyJobBoard.com:

Like the Kentucky Career Center, KentuckyJobBoard.com is a regional job board for job seekers in Kentucky. However, where Kentucky Career Center offers free job postings, KentuckyJobBoard charges upwards of $79.00 per post. That said, the platform does include more hiring features such as applicant tracking, resume access, and employer branding.

Kentucky Career Center vs. KentuckyJobNetwork.com:

KentuckyJobNetwork.com is a regional job board like Kentucky Career Center, but far less affordable. Kentucky Career Center offers free job postings, while KentuckyJobNetwork.com's pricing starts at $275.00 per post. Of the two, KentuckyJobNetwork.com has more to offer with resume access, applicant tracking, and custom profiles.

Kentucky Career Center vs. Indeed:

Indeed is one of the largest job boards in the U.S. While it does not have the regional focus of the Kentucky Career Center, it receives more monthly traffic and offers more advanced hiring features like a resume database. Both platforms offer free postings but Indeed also offers featured posts with pay-per-application pricing to improve exposure.

Key Information

Legal Name

Commonwealth of Kentucky


500 Mero St., Frankfort, KY 40601




1 (502) 564-0871


What does the Kentucky Career Center do?

The Kentucky Career Center is an employment information platform with a job board where job employers can post jobs and connect with qualified job seekers in Kentucky.

How can I contact the Kentucky Career Center?

You can contact them by phone on 1 (502) 564-0871 or by email at kentuckycareercentersupport@ky.gov.

What does it cost to post a job on the Kentucky Career Center?

It's free for registered employers to post a job on the Kentucky Career Center job board.

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