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Top Sites for Hiring an Illustrator:


Job Board



From $5.00 /project.


Free and paid.








Free and paid options.

7.Google for Jobs



Free and paid options.


From $150.00 /mo.

*Companies may offer discounted rates for monthly, annual, and bulk packages.


What are the best illustrator job boards?

How much does it cost to hire an illustrator?

Depending on the project's medium, complexity, and usage, an illustrator can cost between $10.00 and $120.00 per hour.

How do I get an illustrator for my book?

  1. List the key responsibilities of the illustrator.
  2. Write a great job description.
  3. Post your job ad on one of the top sites for hiring an illustrator.

How much does it cost to hire an illustrator for a children's book?

It costs on average $21.00 per hour for a children's book illustrator. However, this number could rise depending on the project and number of pages.

What is the hourly rate for an illustrator?

The average hourly rate for an illustrator is $19.89.

How can I find an artist for hire?

Most artists or illustrators who are available for projects, list their services on freelance sites like Guru and Upwork. If you post a job in the illustration category on one of these sites, illustrators should apply.

Is it better to use a freelance artist-for-hire or to hire a permanent employee?

Most businesses use freelance illustrators for their projects because they do not need illustration work to be done every day. However, some creative fields may require full-time illustrators. In that case, it would make sense to hire someone as a permanent employee rather than a freelancer.

What are some important tips to hire an illustrator?

  • Ask to see the illustrator's portfolio. An illustration is entirely visual, so you will discover very quickly whether you like the artist's style by viewing some of their work.
  • Negotiate with the illustrator to get an agreeable rate. If you're working with a freelancer, their prices aren't necessarily fixed and they will likely offer a better price if they feel that your project is a good opportunity for them to showcase their skills.
  • Before the project or job begins, be very clear about your expectations.

Where can I look for an illustrator?

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