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The Working Holiday Club Jobs

Free plan

Post duration

90 days.

Social media sharing

Featured company display

Resume database access

Customer support

Email and phone.


The Working Holiday Club Jobs is a free job posting platform that offers a complete suite of features to match businesses' diverse hiring needs, including bulk job postings, above-average post durations, advertisement on community boards, and social media promotion.

The platform is equipped with impressive job ad distribution options, including distribution to working holiday programs and travel agents' campaigns. While the job posting package is valued at US$2,000.00, the plan is now completely free, making it a budget-friendly alternative.


  • All job advertisements are posted on the site for 90 days.
  • The platform is completely free, suiting employers with a tight budget.
  • The membership is valid for 90 days and includes 10 job postings, 10 featured job postings, and 10 job refreshes.
  • During the membership, employers can download up to 10 resumes.
  • To improve job ad visibility, all ads are promoted on social media and community boards.
  • Employers can access a self-service log to better manage applicants.
  • Job ads are included in gap year programs, working holiday programs, and travel agents' email campaigns.
  • Compared to competitors Summerjobs.ca and Summer Job Finder, The Working Holiday Club Jobs is more affordable.


  • The platform does not make mention of candidate matching tools.
  • Job ads are not distributed to other job posting sites.
  • There is no Applicant Tracking System (ATS) available.
  • The job board is not available in French.


We were unable to find online reviews of The Working Holiday Club Jobs' posting features.


It's 100% free to post job ads on The Working Holiday Club Jobs site.

The Working Holiday Club Jobs vs. Summerjobs.ca:

Summerjobs.ca is noticeably costlier than The Working Holiday Jobs, with prices starting at C$325.00 +tax per post. In comparison, The Working Holiday Club Jobs is free, and it includes access to a resume database, a key feature missing from Summerjobs.ca's offerings. That said, Summerjobs.ca provides better local coverage and French translation.

The Working Holiday Club Jobs vs. Summer Job Finder:

Summer Job Finder and The Working Holiday Club Jobs both focus on seasonal work, but they diverge in terms of pricing. Summer Job Finder has a free trial, but after that, prices begin at US$25.00 per post. In contrast, The Working Holiday Club Jobs is 100% free and includes features shared with Summer Job Finder, including social media sharing.

The Working Holiday Club Jobs vs. OurdoorIndustryJobs.com:

The Working Holiday Club Jobs and OurdoorIndustryJobs.com share comparable features, including resume database access and social media promotion. However, that's where their similarities end. With The Working Holiday Club Jobs, job posting is free, while OurdoorIndustryJobs.com charges US$230.00 per post, making it the costlier alternative.

Key Information

Legal Name

The Working Holiday Club Jobs Australia PTY LTD.

Founding Date

Jul 01, 2012


Noosa, QLD, Australia








What does it cost to post a job ad on The Working Holiday Club Jobs?

The Working Holiday Club Jobs does not charge employers to post vacancies on its job board.

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