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Employers in search of professionals who prefer part-time and freelance work can use Part-time.ca to find employees in the administrative, retail, or hospitality fields.

The website offers employers a range of bulk advertising options and is easy to use. The website is available in French for easy access by French Canadians but does not post jobs on their social media sites.


  • The platform is dedicated to part-time workers with thousands of job seekers visiting the site every month.
  • The platform offers a variety of bulk advertising options.
  • Job posters can decide how long a post remains active.
  • Jobs are shared on the Jobs.ca website free of charge.
  • The job posting process is quick and easy.
  • The website is available in English and French.


  • The platform does not have a free job posting option.
  • The platform does not offer candidate matching services.
  • No applicant tracking tools or additional recruitment features are available.
  • The site does not share job posts on social media.


We were unable to find any online reviews of Part-time.ca.

How to Post a Job on Part-time.ca:

325.00 CAD
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on Part-time.ca:

Six easy steps for posting a job on Part-time.ca.


Posting a job on Part-time.ca


Click on "Post a Job" on the home page.

Click on "Post a Job" on the home page.

Find the "Post a Job" button on the top menu bar of Part-time.ca's home page.


Fill in the job vacancy details.

Fill in the job vacancy details.

Complete the online form by adding the job details, and your company details. Preview the job post to ensure the information is correct. Then click on "Save."


Create an account.

Create an account.

You will be asked to complete your job post. On the "Finalize your posting" page, select "First time user? Click here!"


Create your employer account.

Create your employer account.

Fill in the online form by adding your company details and click on "Save."


Review your order.

Review your order.

Ensure that the package you've selected is correct and choose a payment method. Then click on "Accept."


Choose a payment option.

Choose a payment option.

Add your payment details to continue with the post. Then click on "Accept." Your job post will then be scheduled to go live.

Part-time.ca vs. Workhoppers:

Both Workhoppers and Part-time.ca are both freelancing job boards for Canadians. While a single job post on Part-time.ca costs C$325.00, the same will cost you C$29.00 on Workhoppers. The latter also offers a job matching service and access to a database of job seekers which Part-time.ca doesn't offer.

Part-time.ca vs. FlexJobs:

FlexJobs is a flexible work job board for Canadian and North American job seekers. FlexJobs offers employer branding, consulting services, applicant tracking, and unlimited resume searches, features which Part-time.ca lacks. While Part-time.ca charges C$325.00 per job post, FlexJobs' unlimited job posting plans start at US$399.00 per month.

Part-time.ca vs. CUHire:

CUHire is a university job board that hosts part-time jobs and offers free and paid job postings, while Part-time.ca only has paid job posting options. CUHire hosts in-person and virtual job fairs which Part-time.ca does not. Employers need approval before they can post to CUHire, while Part-time.ca doesn't screen employers.

Key Information

Legal Name

jobWings.com Careers Inc.


Manuel Francisci

Founding Date

Jan. 01, 2004


495-4020 Saint-Ambroise, Montréal, QC H4C 2C7








What is Part-time.ca?

Part-time.ca is a job posting site for Canadian employers wanting to connect with job seekers in search of part-time and freelance job opportunities.

What does it cost to post a job on Part-time.ca?

Part-time.ca's pricing starts at C$325.00 for a single job posting. The platform also has multiple bulk job posting options.

How do I create an account on Part-time.ca?

  1. Navigate to Jobs.ca.
  2. Click on "Post a Job."
  3. Select "Register!"
  4. Enter your information and click on "Save" to register as an employer.

How can I delete a Part-time.ca. job posting?

Part-time.ca's job postings will expire after a month but can be removed before it expires. Log in to your account, open the posting, and click on "Delete."

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