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Terra.do is an international careers platform that offers educational courses, a community forum, and a comprehensive job board. With a broad reach encompassing over 20,000 potential candidates, Terra.do equips employers with basic job posting features to help streamline recruitment and hire qualified individuals.


  • It's free to post an unlimited number of job listings on Terra.do's job board.
  • The platform also offers educational opportunities and information about climate events.
  • Employers can create a standard profile for potential job seekers to browse through.
  • All job ads include branding to improve credibility.
  • Reputable businesses that use Terra.do's services include Watershed, Sofar, and Pachama.
  • Terra.do offers a mobile app for Android and iOS.


  • Terra.do is missing a searchable resume database.
  • The platform does not offer an applicant tracking system or candidate matching.
  • Terra.do lacks distribution features, including social media sharing and job ad syndication.
  • The website does not provide French translation.


While online reviews specifically addressing Terra.do's job board were unavailable, we did find 200 reviews on Trustpilot, which collectively yielded an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. All the reviews focused on Terra.do's climate change courses, with many offering praise for the courses' impact and educational value.


It's free to post a job ad on Terra.do's job board.

Terra.do vs. CIF-IFC Job Board:

Between the two competitors, Terra.do is the cost-effective option, with the platform offering completely free job postings. The CIF-IFC job board, on the other hand, is a paid platform that's prices start at C$40.00 per post. However, despite it being costlier, only the CIF-IFC job board offers social media sharing and featured listings.

Terra.do vs. Climate Career Portal:

Both Terra.do and Climate Career Portal are free job posting sites that allow users to post unlimited vacancies. While both platforms are missing key features, including social media sharing and resume database access, only Terra.do allows employers to create profiles that boost exposure.

Terra.do vs. CWWA Job Board:

The CWWA job board offers plans for members and nonmembers, with the latter's packages starting at C$85.00 +GST per post. With Terra.do, posting vacancies is completely free, but the platform lacks some features offered by the CWWA job board, including French translation and job email alerts.

Key Information

Legal Name

Terra.do Inc.


Anshuman Bapna

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2020


56 Dudley Ln., Stanford, CA 94305 USA






What does it cost to post a job on Terra.do?

It's free to post a job ad on Terra.do's job board.

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