CWRA Job Board


From C$200.00 /post.

Free offer


Post duration

One week.

Job email alerts

French translation

Social media promotion


Applicant tracking tools


Customer support

Phone and email.


The CWRA job board offers a seamless job posting process, and access is extended to nonmembers, allowing job ads to reach a broader audience beyond platform members. Leveraging its niche audience, the CWRA job board provides a targeted approach to hiring local professionals with expertise in water resources conservation.


  • Job ads are distributed to CWRA subscribers in the biweekly email.
  • CWRA members are eligible for a 10% discount on all job ads.
  • Employers can submit job ads written in French.
  • The job board is accessible to nonmembers.
  • Job ads can include a company logo to improve credibility.
  • Employers can add an external link to direct candidates to a more detailed job description.


  • Job ads are live on the site for one week. Thereafter, it costs C$100.00 per week.
  • There are no free job posting plans available.
  • The CWRA job board lacks applicant tracking tools, candidate matching, and social media sharing.
  • It takes one business day for a job ad to be posted.
  • The CWRA job board does not offer a searchable resume database.
  • Compared to top competitors, including the CWWA job board, the CWRA job board is the costlier alternative.


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1 Job Posting (One Week)


Additional Job Posting Time

C$100.00 /post /week.

CWRA Job Board vs. CWWA Job Board:

While the CWRA job board and the CWWA Job Board both focus on water conservation jobs, the two competitors differ significantly in pricing. With the CWRA job board, job postings cost C$200.00 per post, whereas the CWWA job board costs C$17.00 +tax for a nonmember posting. However, both competitors only offer email alerts and French translation.

CWRA Job Board vs. CIF-IFC Job Board:

Between the two competitors, the CIF-IFC job board is the budget-friendly option, with prices starting at C$40.00 per month. In comparison, the CWRA job board costs C$200.00 for a weekly post. With the more affordable option, employers gain access to features missing from the CWRA job board, including social media promotion and 45-day job postings.

CWRA Job Board vs. Job Bank:

While Job Bank is a free platform that advertises general job positions, including nature-related opportunities, it does not offer the targeted hiring approach of the CWRA job board. With the CWRA job board, it costs C$200.00 per post, but employers are assured that their job ads will reach candidates qualified in water conservation.

Key Information

Legal Name

Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA)

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1947


Parson, BC V0A 1L0






How much does it cost to post a job ad on the CWRA job board?

It costs C$200.00 to post a job ad on the CWRA job board.

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