CIF-IFC Job Board

Starting price

From C$40.00 /post.

Free offer


Post duration

Up to 90 days.

Job ad distribution

Social media promotion

French translation

Customer support

Phone and email.


The CIF-IFC job board is a dedicated job board offered by the Canadian Institute of Forestry (CIF). While the platform boasts a range of impressive features, including social media sharing and job ad distribution, what sets it apart is its affordability and focused hiring approach, making it an appealing job posting site for local employers.


  • Job ads can be advertised on the CIF-IFC's job board for up to 90 days.
  • The website allows for French translation.
  • Employers can add a featured image or logo to a job ad.
  • The platform offers social media promotion to boost exposure.
  • Job ads are distributed to the CIF-IFC's provincial, national, and international networks.
  • With the Level Premium plan, job ads are featured in the platform's monthly e-newsletter.
  • Nonmembers do not require a membership to post vacancies on the CIF-IFC job board.
  • Job ads are featured at the top of the home page with the Level 2 and Level Premium plans.
  • Compared to top competitors, including the CWRA job board, the CIF-IFC job board is more affordable.


  • There is no free job posting plan available.
  • The platform is missing applicant tracking tools and a searchable resume database.
  • There are no candidate-matching capabilities.


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Level 1


Level 2


Level Premium


CIF-IFC Job Board vs. CWWA Job Board:

Of the two competitors, the CWWA job board is the more affordable option, with its prices starting at C$15.00 +GST/HST per post for members and C$17.00 +tax per post for nonmembers. In comparison, the CIF-IFC job board's prices start at C$40.00 per post. However, only the CIF-IFC job board offers job ad distribution and social media sharing.

CIF-IFC Job Board vs. CWRA Job Board:

While both platforms focus on recruitment within the natural resources field, they diverge notably in pricing and post-durations. The CIF-IFC job board has a starting price of C$40.00 for a 45-day post, while the CWRA job board charges C$200.00 for a week-long job post, making the former more appealing to employers seeking extended exposure.

CIF-IFC Job Board vs. Canadian Environmental Network:

Despite the CIF-IFC job board and the Canadian Environmental Network (RCEN) offering comparable features, the two competitors offer diverse pricing. With the RCEN, employers can request free job postings or expect to pay between C$30.00 and C$400.00 per post. The CIF-IFC job board, on the other hand, charges between C$40.00 and C$150.00 per post.

Key Information

Legal Name

The Canadian Institute of Forestry / Institut forestier du Canada (CIF-IFC)

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1908


6905 Hwy., 17 W. Mattawa, ON POH 1V0






How much does it cost to post a job ad on the CIF-IFC job board?

The CIF-IFC job board's prices start at C$40.00 per post.

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