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CoolWorks is an adventure job board that advertises permanent and/or seasonal jobs from resorts, camps, parks, and more. Despite listing job posting packages in U.S. dollars, CoolWorks' plans are still more affordable than local competitors, Part-time.ca and Summerjobs.ca.

For Canadian employers, CoolWorks is a practical choice if they're looking to target a niche audience. However, CoolWorks is yet to gain a strong foothold in Canada. Currently, Canadian users only account for under 1% of CoolWorks' monthly views.


  • The ad package credits expire one year from the purchase date.
  • The enhanced employer profiles allow employers to showcase their business.
  • CoolWorks offers an applicant tracking system called The Staffing Center to help employers streamline recruitment.
  • There are multiple plans on offer, including standard and featured posts for those looking to fill jobs quickly.
  • While the site is known for advertising seasonal work, employers can also advertise full-time positions.
  • CoolWorks offers a 10% discount on highlighted jobs and "Help Wanted Now" ads for 501(c)(3) charitable non-profits.
  • The platform is more affordable than local competitors.
  • CoolWorks receives an average of over 250,000 views per month.


  • All plans are offered in U.S. dollars.
  • Employer accounts are approved on a location-by-location basis.
  • There are no free features or posting packages available.
  • CoolWorks does not provide access to a resume database.
  • There is no language-translation tool on the website, which may impact French-speaking employers and job seekers.
  • Corporate or parent employer accounts for multi-location properties will not be approved.
  • Employers must send an application and be approved before they can start posting job ads.
  • CoolWorks is predominantly used as a U.S.-based job board despite offering international exposure.


We were unable to find any online reviews of CoolWorks. The site does have testimonials, which praise the efficacy of the platform and the company's ability to deliver on its promises.




Single Ad: Help Wanted Ad (Multiple jobs per post)

US$139.00 /post.

Single Ad: Highlighted Job (One job per post)

US$149.00 /post.

Ad Package: 20 to 49 posts

US$135.00 /post.

Ad Package: 50+ posts

US$129.00 /post.

Enhanced Employer Profile - 1 Month Term

US$269.00 /mo.

Enhanced Employer Profile - 3 Month Term

US$169.00 /mo.

Enhanced Employer Profile - 6 Month Term

US$119.00 /mo.

Enhanced Employer Profile - 12 Month Term

US$99.00 /mo.

Enhanced Employer Profile - Featured Listing

US$169.00 /post.

The Staffing Center (Applicant Tracking System)

From US$49.00 /mo.*

*The Staffing Center package depends on your business's staff size. You can view the full pricing on CoolWorks' website.

How to Post a Job on CoolWorks:

$139.00 USD
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on CoolWorks:

Four easy steps for posting a job ad on CoolWorks.


Registering as an employer on CoolWorks.

Navigate to the CoolWorks home page.

Go to CoolWorks's home page and click on "POST A JOB" in the main menu. On the following page, read through the different packages and click on "REGISTER TO POST" to continue.


Register an account with CoolWorks.

Register an account with CoolWorks.

Complete the signup form on the following page by entering your full name, email address, and a valid password. Click on "SIGN UP" to complete the registration.

You will then receive an email confirmation email that verifies your address. Once the verification is complete, you can log in.


Register as an employer.

Register as an employer.

Only once you've successfully logged into your account will you be able to register as an employer. From the CoolWorks dashboard, click on "POST A JOB" in the main menu.

Scroll down slightly until you see a red button that reads, "REGISTER AS AN EMPLOYER." Click on the link until you've been directed to the "Employer Signup" form.


Complete your employer registration.

Complete your employer registration.

Fill in the "Employer Signup" form by providing your relevant details, including company description, location, housing benefits, and more. When you're ready to submit your form, click on "FINISH."

The CoolWorks team will contact you regarding your approval. Once you've been approved, you can start posting job ads.

CoolWorks vs. Summerjobs.ca:

CoolWorks and Summerjobs.ca are both niche job boards targeting seasonal workers and outdoor enthusiasts. However, while Summerjobs.ca is a Canadian job board with better reach, it is the more costly option between the two competitors. Unlike Summerjobs.ca, CoolWorks offers enhanced employer profiles and an applicant tracking system.

CoolWorks vs. Part-time.ca:

Part-time.ca is a Canadian job board that caters to employers advertising general part-time work, while CoolWorks advertises part-time work for those in outdoor industries. In comparison, CoolWorks is the affordable choice, despite only offering packages in U.S. dollars. However, Part-time.ca offers the best local exposure and French translation.

CoolWorks vs. Indeed:

Indeed is a globally recognized job board that offers far more features than CoolWorks and is low-cost. The primary advantage of CoolWorks over Indeed is that it attracts a very specific target audience, namely outdoor enthusiasts and people looking for seasonal work. However, in terms of price and potential reach, Indeed is the clear winner.

Key Information

Legal Name



Bill Berg

Founding Date

Sep. 01, 1995


Morrison, CO 80465 United States




1 (406) 848-2380




What is CoolWorks?

CoolWorks is a dedicated job board for employers offering and people looking for seasonal or year-round work in interesting places, such as state parks, summer camps, ski lodges, ranches, beach resorts, and more.

What is the price range of CoolWorks?

CoolWorks' prices for single job posts range from US$139.00 to US$149.00. Prices for ad packages range from US$129.00 to US$135.00 per post.

How can I contact CoolWorks?

You can contact CoolWorks at 1 (406) 848-2380 or send an email to help@coolworks.com.

Does CoolWorks offer discounts?

Yes, CoolWorks offers a 10% discount on "Highlighted Job" and "Help Wanted Now" ads for 501(c)(3) charitable non-profits.

Is there a CoolWorks free trial?

No, CoolWorks does not offer a free trial.

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