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letsworkremotely is one of a handful of specialized remote work platforms that lets employers target workers in Canada. Employers can earmark a job for Canadians when creating a job ad. A job search with the keyword "Canada" currently yields over 300 remote jobs, signaling plenty of remote work opportunities for Canadians.


  • Compared to popular remote platforms, such as We Work Remotely, letsworkremotely is more affordable.
  • All candidates are vetted before they are hired to ensure the best quality.
  • letsworkremotely offers access to learning materials, such as remote tools, tips, and resources.
  • Employers have entry to a large community of remote workers and digital nomads through their Facebook groups.
  • The company offers training and preparation for a new remote hire.
  • letsworkremotely offers consults on employees who transition from office-based to working remotely.


  • letsworkremotely is costlier than some popular Canadian job boards, such as Workopolis and Eluta.ca, who have free posting options.
  • The only way Canadians can use the site to find remote work is by searching "Canada" or a Canadian city in the keyword box, making it difficult for employers to target local workers.
  • Pricing is not available in Canadian dollars.
  • The website is not available in French.
  • letsworkremotely does not have any free posting options for businesses.
  • The company can only be contacted via email.


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How to Post a Job on letsworkremotely:

$29.00 USD
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on letsworkremotely:

Four easy steps for posting a job on letsworkremotely.


Posting a job on letsworkremotely.


Go to letsworkremotely.com.

Go to letsworkremotely.com.

Navigate to the letsworkremotely home page.


Click on the "POST JOB ($29)" button.

Click on the "POST JOB ($29)" button.

The "POST JOB ($29)" button sits in orange in the middle of the home page.


Select a posting option.

Select a posting option.

Choose between the Basic and Premium plans. Choosing Premium will redirect you to their partner network site, We Work Remotely.


Fill in your job details.

Fill in your job details.

Include information such as your company name, job post title, and job description. In the "Location Requirements?" field, type in "Canada." Click on "Submit and Pay" and wait for your job post to be reviewed and approved. This concludes the posting process.

letsworkremotely vs. Eluta.ca:

Unlike letsworkremotely, Eluta.ca is not strictly a remote work platform. Eluta.ca does allow employers to include the words "Work From Home" or "Remote" in their job titles or descriptions. Eluta.ca is a Canadian job board with free and paid options that start at C$199.00 per job post, compared to letsworkremotely's US$29.00.

letsworkremotely vs. Workhoppers:

Workhoppers is a freelance marketplace that advertises location-based and remote roles in Canada. Workhoppers charges C$39.00 per month for a basic job post, while letsworkremotely charges US$29.00 per post. Workhoppers offers job postings in French and English, while letsworkremotely only supports English.

letsworkremotely vs. We Work Remotely:

The key difference between the remote job boards We Work Remotely and letsworkremotely is that the former lets job seekers find jobs by location, making it easier to reach Canadian workers. We Work Remotely has a larger reach (over 2.5 million) than letsworkremotely, but it has costlier plans too, starting at US$59.00 per job highlight.

Key Information

Legal Name



Steven Lin

Founding Date

Jan. 01, 2017


445 N. Union Str., Bloomington, IN 47403 USA






What is letsworkremotely?

letsworkremotely is a job board that connects employers with job seekers looking for remote work. letsworkremotely offers employment opportunities across a range of industries as well as access to one of the largest online communities of remote workers around the world.

How much does letsworkremotely cost?

letsworkremotely's pricing ranges from US$29.00 to US$299.00, with each listing lasting for 30 days.

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