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CSMPS is aimed at improving the quality of the marketing and public relation sectors in Canada. As part of their service to the industry, they offer training to marketers, networking events, and a job board where employers can meet and find potential employees who are qualified experts in their fields.


  • The platform provides employers with access to a network of experienced marketing professionals.
  • Members get discounts on employment posts placed on their website.
  • CSMPS hosts numerous in-person networking events throughout the year where employers can engage with prospective candidates.
  • Job posts are sent to the entire mailing list of the CSMPS.
  • Nonmembers can also post jobs on the job board.


  • CSMPS does not offer employers the ability to incorporate company branding on job ads.
  • No detail on the duration the job ad is active is provided.
  • The job board had fewer than 10 vacancies at the time the article was written.
  • Accurate membership figures are not available.
  • Nonmembers pay extra for job posts.


We were unable to find reviews for the Canadian Society for Marketing Professional Services.

How to Post a Job on CSMPS:

250.00 CAD
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on CSMPS:

Eight easy steps for posting a job on CSMPS.


Posting a job on CSMPS.


Click "Job Board." on the home page.

Click "Job Board." on the home page.

Navigate to the CSMPS home page and click on the "Job Board" button located on the top center of the page.


Click "Submit a Job Posting."

Click "Submit a Job Posting."

Click the yellow dot "Submit a Job Posting" to continue to create an account.


Register an account.

Register an account.

Read the instructions and click on "Sign in or Sign Up" to register an account if you do not already have one.


Sign up to register as an employer.

Sign up to register as an employer.

Complete your email address and password to sign up as an employer. If you submit the online form, an email will be sent to your business email address. Verify that the email address is correct.


Complete the online application.

Complete the online application.

After confirming that your email address is correct. Complete the business details on the online form.


Click "Continue."

Click "Continue."

After completing the business details, you'll be redirected to the page where the amount payable is displayed. Click "Continue" to continue with the job post.


Complete the job details.

Complete the job details.

Fill in the online form requesting all the job details, and submit it.


Proceed to make a payment.

Proceed to make a payment.

After ensuring that all the job details are correct, continue to make a payment. After the payment has been received, the job advert will become active.

CSMPS vs. Working.com:

Working.com allows employers to advertise any type of job vacancy on their job site and in regional newspapers. In comparison, CSMPS posts appear on their job board and in membership newsletters. CSMPS only allows marketing-related advertisements. Both are paid job sites.

CSMPS vs. SkipTheDrive:

SkiptheDrive is a remote work job board while CSMPS primarily caters to full-time and freelance positions. 39% of SkiptheDrive's traffic is from the U.S. while it also has a large following in Asia and Europe. Its presence in Canada is very low, while CSMPS is only available to Canadian residents.


The University of Toronto's job board, CLNx, is aimed at employers looking for recently qualified students. While it advertises marketing-related positions, it is not a niche job board like CSMPS which focuses on marketing roles and primarily works with marketing graduates.

Key Information

Legal Name

Canadian Society for Marketing Professional Services

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1988


102 - 211 Columbia Street Vancouver, BC V6A 2R5

Number of Employees





1 (604) 681-0295




What is CSMPS?

CSMPS, or the Canadian Society for Marketing Professional Services, is a nonprofit society based in Vancouver. On top of championing the cause of Canadian marketing professionals, CSMPS hosts a job board for employers to advertise marketing positions.

What does it cost to post a job on CSMPS?

CSMPS' pricing starts at C$350.00 per post for nonmembers.

How do I create an account on CSMPS?

  1. On the home page, click on "Job Board."
  2. On the next page, click on "Submit a Job Posting."
  3. Continuing to the page that has the options to sign in or sign up.
  4. Choose the "Sign Up" option and fill your name and email address in.
  5. An email will be sent to confirm your email address.
  6. Complete the online application.
  7. Your account will now be registered.

Where is Canadian Society For Marketing Professional Services (CSMPS)'s headquarters?

CSMPS is based at 102 - 211 Columbia Street in Vancouver, Canada.

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