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The Mandy Network is one of the world's largest online creative communities, with over 2.4 million registered members based across the world. The platform is membership-only, and its services and products include access to a free music and entertainment job board, an agent directory, forums, guides, and media sharing.

While The Mandy Network's job board does offer excellent job ad exposure, the platform is missing some standard features offered by its competitors, including job ad distribution, sponsored posts, and bulk job ads.


  • Posting a job ad on The Mandy Network's job board is completely free.
  • Employers can view and manage applications, shortlist candidates, and schedule interviews through the dashboard.
  • The platform allows employers to share media and auditions.
  • Employers gain access to a comprehensive database where they can search for and contact candidates directly.
  • The Mandy Network offers employers a personal calendar to help create and manage call dates.
  • Employers can contact The Mandy Network's team to discuss automated shortlisting options.
  • It's free to create an employer's profile on The Mandy Network.


  • The platform does not offer bulk job postings or featured posts.
  • The Mandy Network's job board is missing candidate matching and job ad distribution.
  • Applicants must pay for membership in The Mandy Network to apply for jobs, which may impact the number of submissions.


While there are a limited number of reviews for The Mandy Network's job board, the platform did receive over 900 reviews on Trustpilot, garnering an average rating of 3.4 stars. Job seekers predominantly contribute to these reviews, and their consensus suggests that the platform often falls short in delivering results and effective communication.

We also found more than 600 reviews on Sitejabber, where the platform maintains a rating of 4.0 stars. While the majority of reviews are also from job seekers, we did find one notable review from an employer that stated the site favored job posts from more recognizable companies.


It's free to post a job ad on The Mandy Network's job board.

The Mandy Network Jobs vs. Music Victoria Jobs:

Music Victoria Jobs is a nonprofit organization that offers free job postings and targeted hiring for employers based in Victoria, making it the ideal choice for local hiring. That said, for those looking to affordably extend their job ads' reach, The Mandy Network Jobs is the stand-out option, thanks to its global exposure and free job postings.

The Mandy Network Jobs vs. MusicCareers:

Unlike The Mandy Network's job board, MusicCareers is a paid service, with prices starting at US$149.00 per post. However, the latter does have a free plan for internships, freelancers, and volunteers. While The Mandy Network Jobs has applicant tracking, a feature missing from MusicCareers, it does not offer featured listings like MusicCareers.

The Mandy Network Jobs vs. SoundBetter:

There are several features that The Mandy Network Jobs and SoundBetter have in common, including free job postings and access to a candidate database. However, while both competitors offer targeted hiring for employers in the music industry, only The Mandy Network Jobs provides calendar management and scheduling tools.

Key Information

Legal Name

Backstage, LLC.

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1960


New York, New York, USA






What's The Mandy Network?

The Mandy Network is a casting site and niche job board connecting employers with job seekers in the film, television, and entertainment industries.

Is The Mandy Network free?

Employers can post job ads for free, while job seekers are expected to pay for their accounts.

Who owns The Mandy Network?

The Mandy Network is owned by Backstage, LLC.

How much does it cost to post a job ad on The Mandy Network's job board?

It's free to post a job ad on The Mandy Network's job board.

Does The Mandy Network's job board work?

Yes, The Mandy Network offers a complete job board that advertises vacancies to millions of registered members.

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