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JOBX is a general job board that assists employers in connecting with a range of professionals across Australia through their advertising services and job board. Although the platform does not offer a free job posting service, job ad packs are competitively priced and the bulk packages are suitable for companies with large-scale hiring needs.


  • Employers from all industries can post vacancies and connect with professionals at various career levels.
  • The platform offers bulk job packs to suit large-scale hiring needs.
  • The "Job of the Day" enhancement pins job posts to the top of the search listings.
  • The platform offers a range of advertising services, including company logos, job ad templates, branding tiles, and company profiles.
  • The advertiser dashboard features a job tracker and statistics for your job posts.


  • The platform offers no free job posting option.
  • The website lacks a resume database for employers to connect with candidates.
  • Information about job postings is limited on the website.
  • The platform is geared more toward job seekers than employers.


We were unable to find any online reviews of JOBX.


SEEK is one of Australia's most prominent job posting sites and offers employers access to a much larger pool of candidates than JOBX. Both platforms are general job boards where employers can post vacancies in any industry. SEEK features a resume database, which JOBX lacks.

JOBX vs. EthicalJobs.com.au:

While JOBX is a general job board that lists vacancies from all industries in Australia, EthicalJobs.com.au caters to charities, nonprofits, and social enterprises, making it the more suitable option for targeted hiring in those sectors. Both platforms offer single and bulk job posting packages, which are comparably priced.

JOBX vs. CareerOne:

Unlike JOBX, CareerOne features a free job posting option, offering employers on a tight budget greater value. The platform also features a resume database, which JOBX lacks. In addition, CareerOne well has a far larger audience than JOBX and shares listings to partner job boards, offering greater exposure.

Key Information

Legal Name

JOBX Pty Ltd.


55 Clarence St., Sydney, NSW 2000


13 0072 6279




What is JOBX?

JOBX is an Australian job board where employers can post their vacancies and connect with professionals from a range of industries across the country.

How much does it cost to post a job on JOBX?

JOBX's pricing starts from A$154.00 for a single job post. The platform also offers bulk job packs for up to 100 job ads.

How do I create a JOBX account?

  1. Go to the JOBX home page.
  2. Click on "Post a Job" in the top-right corner.
  3. Select "REGISTER."
  4. Fill out the online form with your details and click "REGISTER."
  5. Validate your account by following the link sent to you via email.

How can I edit a JOBX job posting?

To edit one of your JOBX job postings, open the posting in your advertiser account. You can make whatever changes you want before saving them and closing the window.

How can I delete a JOBX job posting?

To delete a job from your listings, just select the "Delete" option next to the relevant job post from your advertiser dashboard.

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