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ACTA offers a job board and a mentorship program through which employers can connect with job seekers throughout Australia. Besides the FTA Jobs Board, the platform also provides a professional marketplace where employers can search a database of members who are unemployed or seeking a new career.

The ACTA is in the process of becoming a certification authority for Australia's treasury community and is developing a curriculum for the formal Certification Program for Treasury in Australia. It also offers a webinar series to train treasurers.


  • Employers can search a database of members who showcase their talents and expertise on the site.
  • The site offers access to a member network mostly consisting of senior managers from the top 300 corporations in Australia.
  • The platform offers mentorship opportunities through which employers can connect with job seekers.
  • Job postings are shared via the ACTA's Exchange newsletter and on the platform's social media platforms.
  • The platform features employer branding and company profiles with job ads.


  • Employers cannot post vacancies directly to the website.
  • Job posting fees are not readily available on the website.
  • The job site is not very active and less than ten jobs were advertised at the time of writing.


We were unable to find any online reviews of the FTA Jobs Board.


The FTA Jobs Board does not readily provide pricing information on its website. For more information, contact the association via email.

How to Post a Job to the FTA Jobs Board:

The FTA Jobs Board does not offer direct online job postings. To post a job on the platform, email the ACTA for more information.

FTA Jobs Board vs. Workforce Australia:

Workforce Australia is the official job board of the Australian government that allows job seekers to find employment, while FTA Jobs Board is a niche job site for treasurers and senior financial risk managers. Workforce Australia, a free job site, has a wider reach than FTA Jobs Board, which does not publicly disclose its pricing information.

FTA Jobs Board vs. eFinancialCareers:

eFinancialCareers is a niche financial job site, while FTA Jobs Board primarily caters to treasurers and financial risk managers. Neither site provides job posting fees online, but both offer resume searches. Of the two, eFinancialCareers is a global job posting site, which might be the better option for employers looking to hire international talent.

FTA Jobs Board vs. LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is a general job board with a global reach, while FTA Jobs Boards is a niche Australian job board within the finance sector. LinkedIn offers employers a range of job posting options, while employers have to contact FTA Jobs Board for pricing information. Compared to FTA Jobs Board, LinkedIn attracts more job seekers and features more robust hiring tools.

Key Information

Legal Name

Australian Corporate Treasury Association

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1986


Little Lonsdale St., Melbourne, VIC 8011




0402 444 475




What does it cost to post a job to the FTA Jobs Board?

FTA Jobs Board does not readily disclose pricing on its website. Interested users can contact the company for a quote.

What are some alternatives to the FTA Jobs Board?

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