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CareersinAudit.com offers a wide range of package options to suit the needs and budgets of various businesses. The site also has features such as company profiles, job alerts, and access to CVs.

Being a global job board, employers have access to candidates from all over the world, and jobs shared on social media reach an international audience. A local customer support line is provided for Australian employers who need more information or require support.


  • The company claims that 31% of audit, risk, and compliance candidates go to CareersinAudit.com first when looking for a job.
  • There are a number of packages for employers to choose from.
  • Employers can create a business profile to help candidates better understand their company culture and ethos.
  • Job alerts are sent directly to candidates via email.
  • Posts are promoted on the website's social media platforms.
  • For an added fee, employers can access the site's database of CVs.
  • A dedicated account manager is available to assist with hiring.
  • 95% of the candidates on the site are actively looking for a job.
  • Most job seekers on the site are in senior positions.
  • CareersinAudit.com has an office in Australia and there is a local telephone number for customer support.


  • Pricing is not available in Australian dollars.
  • Compared to local job sites SEEK, CareersinAudit.com lacks applicant tracking and job post statistics.
  • While CareersinAudit.com is popular among niche job boards, it has a small local audience.
  • Pricing is more expensive compared to similar job boards, such as Meetig8.


On Jobboard Finder, CareersinAudit.com was rated "Excellent" by 70% of reviewers, and "Very Good" by the remaining 30%. Comments applaud the site's availability of quality candidates and excellent service from the support team. There are also testimonials for CareersinAudit.com on their website.

How to Post a Job on CareersinAudit.com:

$495.00 USD
30 Minutes
How to Post a Job on CareersinAudit.com:

Five easy steps for posting a job on CareersinAudit.com.


Posting a Job on CareersinAudit.com.


Click on "Advertise."

Click on "Advertise."

Navigate to the CareersinAudit.com home page and click on "Advertise."


Select a package.

Select a package.

On the next page, you can either select the "Branded Job Posting - 30 days" option, or select "Advertise Now" to see more package options.


Create an account.

Create an account.

A pop-up sign-in message will appear. To register as an employer, click on "Create an account." Fill out the online form with your details and check the reCAPTCHA box. Then, click on "Create an account."

To activate your account, click on the verification link sent to your email address.


Create your listing.

Create your listing.

Fill out the job posting form with information about your listing, such as the job title, location, and job type. Once you're done, click on "Save and continue."

On the next page, click on "Supporting Documents" to add those to your listing.

Click on "Upgrades" to upgrade your listing to "Featured."

Click on "Edit" to go back and make changes to your listing.

To pay for your job post, click on "Go straight to basket."


Finalize your order.

Finalize your order.

Review your order to ensure that you've selected the correct job posting plan. Then, click on "Checkout." You can pay via invoice by clicking on "Request invoice," or proceed to the site's online payment process by selecting "Pay online."

Once your payment has gone through, your listing will go live.

CareersinAudit.com vs. Meetig8:

Meetig8.) is a risk and compliance job board created by professionals in the industry. Employers can post up to five free jobs per month, but no other hiring features are advertised. Compared to CareersinAudit.com, Meetig8 is certainly cheaper, but CareersinAudit.com is more feature-rich.

CareersinAudit.com vs. SEEK:

SEEK is a prominent Australian job board with a reported 26 million visitors to the site each month. Employers benefit from resume access, applicant tracking, and statistics relating to their job posts. Employers can also reach out to suitable candidates directly. The features offered overshadow those offered by CareersinAudit.com.

CareersinAudit.com vs. Adzuna:

Adzuna is a general job board that targets job seekers in a range of industries around the world. Employers can access a large candidate pool, while smart matching technology connects them with suitable candidates. Adzuna is more affordable at A$149.00 per job post, but CareersinAudit.com has a wide reach and shares jobs on social media.

Key Information

Legal Name

CareersinAudit.com Limited


Max Williamson


Ste. 4, Lvl. 12, 115 Pitt St., Sydney, NSW 2000

Number of Employees





02 8188 1767




What is CareersinAudit.com?

CareersinAudit.com is an auditing job board that connects employers with auditing professionals in Australia and abroad.

What does it cost to post a job on CareersinAudit.com?

CareersinAudit.com's pricing starts from US$495.00 for a 14-day listing.

How do I create an account on CareersinAudit.com?

  1. Navigate to the CareersinAudit.com home page.
  2. Click on "Your Account" just under the top banner.
  3. Fill out the online form labeled "Create an account" and click on "Create an account" to register.

What are some alternatives to CareersinAudit.com?

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