30 Day Job Posting

$499.00 /post.

Diversity Focused Legal Posting

$499.00 /post.

Upgraded Diversity Focused Legal Posting

$549.00 /post.

60 Day Job Posting

$599.00 /post.

Job Flash Package

$649.00 /post.

Upgraded Diversity Focused Legal Posting + Diversity Job Board Network

$749.00 /post.

Premium Job Flash Package

$849.00 /post.

Premier Job Flash Email

$899.00 /listing.

Ultimate Recruitment Package

$1,049.00 /post.

Resume Access

$1,299.00 /mo.

Bulk Job Flash Package

$2,845.00 /yr.

Premium Bulk Job Flash Package

$3,845.00 /yr.


Association Career Network allows for job vacancy postings on a general site, or on a range of industry-specific sites, including legal jobs. Posts to this site will benefit from diverse candidates, veterans, and social media and aggregator website sharing.

Employers are able to search the resume bank and notify chosen candidates of their interest for free. If the candidates return the employer's interest, they will be connected for a fee of $35.00 on the employer's account.


  • Employers can post positions to a range of industry-specific career pages.
  • The site displays jobs that were posted to associated career centers.
  • Users can search the resume bank for free and notify selected candidates of their interest.
  • Job postings include candidate management.
  • Employers can create and save templates for later use.
  • The site offers online, email, and phone support.
  • All job posts are shared on social media.
  • The ASC works to attract diverse candidates and veterans.


  • Association Career Network's legal career network has a higher job posting price than the general career network.
  • While resume browsing is free, employers pay a connection fee to contact candidates.


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How to Post a Job on Association Career Network:

$499.00 USD
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on Association Career Network:

Sis easy steps for posting a job on Association Career Network.


Posting a Job on Association Career Network.


Click "Post a Job."

Click "Post a Job."

Navigate to the home page of Association Career Network and click "Post a Job."


Select your job posting package.

Select your job posting package.

Read through the options and select your preferred package. Then, click "Get Started."


Create an account.

Create an account.

Add your personal details to the online form. Then, click "Create Account."


Fill in your job posting details.

Fill in your job posting details.

Choose your type of posting and add information such as the job title, your company name, and job description. Then, click "Continue."


Complete your purchase.

Complete your purchase.

Add your billing information, and click "Pay" to complete your purchase.


View your post.

View your post.

After you've completed your purchase, you can view your job post.

Association Career Network vs. NALP Job Center:

NALP Job Center primarily advertises legal roles and featured education resources. Association Career Network, on the other hand, is only a job board. NALP Job Center is also far more affordable than Association Career Network, with prices starting from $300.00 per member post, including resume search access.

Association Career Network vs. and Association Career Network offer a similar range of features, but focuses solely on legal professions whereas Association Career Network offers a more general job board. Their job flash package is also slightly more affordable at $649.00 compared to's $695.00.

Association Career Network vs. LawMatch:

LawMatch is an industry-specific job board compared to Association Career Network's range of industry-specific job boards. While job postings on LawMatch are relatively inexpensive, compared to some of Association Career Network's packages, users can only access legal resumes on LawMatch's premium package which starts at $999.00 per month.

Key Information

Legal Name


M. Hutcheson Craig

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1998


9620 Executive Center DR. N, Suite 200, St. Petersburg, FL 33702



1 (860) 437-5700



What is Association Career Network?

Association Career Network is a job posting site that features a variety of industry-specific career centers, including for pharmacies, nursing, and legal council. Employers can post jobs and purchase resumes on Association Career Network.

What does it cost to post a job on Association Career Network?

You can post a job on Association Career Network's Legal Career Center for as little as $499.00 for a 30-day job posting. They also offer job flash packages that range in pricing from $849.00 per listing to $3,845.00 for a year's subscription.

How do I create an account on Association Career Network?

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on "Post a Job" in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Hover over "Sign-in or Create Account " and click on "Employer."
  4. Complete the registration form under "New Users Create an Account."
  5. Click on "Create My Account."

How do I delete a job post on Association Career Network?

When you have logged onto your employer account, you can click on the "My Jobs" tab, find the name of the position you wish to delete, and move the mouse over the Actions icon.

What are some alternatives to Association Career Network?

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