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July 25th, 2019

Youtern is an online job posting site where companies can post job opportunities and internships. Youtern makes it easier for students with emerging talent to enter the workforce.

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All Youtern postings cost $39.00 and last for 30 days. Unlimited edits can be made during the 30-day period.

How to Post a Job on Youtern:

  1. Log into your employer account.
  2. Select the option to create a new posting.
  3. Specify if the opportunity is for an internship or a paid job.
  4. Enter all the relevant details.
  5. Click "Post."

Key Information:


Mark Babbitt




Carson City, NV


Mark Babbitt

Phone Number

1 (775) 298-1292


1802 N Carson St., Carson City, NV, 89701



What is Youtern?

Youtern is an online job posting platform that enables businesses to source students and emerging talents for job opportunities and internships.

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How much does it cost to post a job on Youtern?

Youtern charges $39.00 for each job post.

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How can I edit a Youtern job posting?

You can edit your Youtern job postings by logging into your account and opening the postings. Edits can be made at any point while the posting is active.

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When is an appropriate time to post my job on Youtern?

It is recommended to post your job at least four months before the start date to give you sufficient time to recruit, interview and hire.

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Does Youtern offer assistance with promoting my job post?

Yes, Youtern may feature your job post in the Featured Internships box on their search page.

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How can I delete a Youtern job posting?

To delete a posting, click on the posting in your lists of jobs and select the "delete" option.

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How long will my job post stay on the Youtern website?

Your job posting will stay on the website for 30 days before it expires. You will be allowed unlimited edits on your job post during those 30 days.

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Can I hire interns for free on Youtern?

Although some employers hire interns without compensation, this may be in violation of federal and state labor laws. Check with your state's labor department on the regulations when hiring interns.

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How do I create a Youtern account?

To create an account where you can manage Youtern job postings, just go to and click Register > Employer Registration.

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Does Youtern assist employers with interviewing interns?

No, Youtern does not offer assistance to employers with interviews. They do, however, offer some guidance on how to profile your candidates here.

You can learn how to interview candidates and also check out our guide to interview questions to prepare for the interview process.

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What are some Youtern alternatives?

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