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Winejobs.com is a niche job site for employment opportunities in the wine industry, offering employers in this sector a highly targeted hiring approach. The platform provides a host of useful tools to help employers find candidates for their job vacancies, including featured ad options and access to a candidate database.

Unlike its competitors, Vincubator and International Wine Center Job Board, Winejobs.com does not offer a free job posting option. Winejobs.com is also the costlier option when compared to alternatives such as WineIndustry.Jobs and Wine Jobs USA.


  • The platform targets a broad audience within the wine industry, from production to retail and administrative professionals.
  • Listings can be promoted in the site's daily news email.
  • Employers can search for suitable candidates in the site's profile database.
  • Job ads are online for 35 days, which is slightly longer than the general average of 30 days.
  • There are options to feature listings to increase visibility.


  • There is no free job posting plan.
  • The site is costlier than several alternatives, such as WineIndustry.Jobs, Vincubator, and Wine Jobs USA.
  • It costs extra to include images and weblinks in job ads.


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Winejobs.com vs. WineIndustry.Jobs:

With a starting price of $99.00 per post, WineIndustry.Jobs is more affordable than Winejobs.com, which has a starting price of $187.00 per post. Both sites offer enhanced job posting options and access to a candidate database, but only WineIndustry.Jobs distributes job ads to other job boards and offers a 60-day job post duration.

Winejobs.com vs. Vincubator:

Unlike Winejobs.com, Vincubator has a free job posting plan, making the latter the more affordable option. While Vincubator's paid plan costs $20.00 for a premium job ad, Winejobs.com's pricing starts at $187.00 per post. However, Winejobs.com stands out with a wide range of add-on features and a searchable candidate database.

Winejobs.com vs. Wine Jobs USA:

While neither site has a free job posting plan, Wine Jobs USA is more affordable with a starting price of $149.00 per post, compared to Winejobs.com's starting price of $187.00 per post. Wine Jobs USA may have a longer job post duration of six months, but Winejobs.com offers more features, including profile searches and featured listings.

Key Information

Legal Name

Wine Communications Group


584 First St. E., Sonoma, CA 95476




1 (800) 895-9463




What does it cost to post a job on Winejobs.com?

Winejobs.com's pricing starts at $187.00 for a 35-day job ad.

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