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March 25th, 2020

WeWorkRemotely is a remote job board where companies can pay to list remote job opportunities. The site is a great resource for employers who hire remote teams and companies that are looking for people with specialized skills.

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How to Post a Job on WeWorkRemotely:

  1. Go to WeWorkRemotely.com and click "Post a job for $299 /month."
  2. Enter all of the relevant information for your job posting.
  3. Preview your ad to make sure it looks right.
  4. Pay the monthly fee for your ad. Once your payment is processed, the ad will be live on the website.


How can I find good candidates on WeWorkRemotely?

To find the best candidates, make sure that your job description is clear and contains all the important information. Be sure to use a good job posting template to help you with this task.

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How can I edit a WeWorkRemotely job posting?

To edit your WeWorkRemotely job postings, log into the website and select the ad that you would like to modify. Make your changes and save the posting.

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How can I delete a WeWorkRemotely job posting?

To permanently remove a posting, locate the posting via the main menu in your account and click "Delete."

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How do I create a WeWorkRemotely account?

To create an account where you can manage WeWorkRemotely job postings, click "Post a job for $299.00 per month" and enter all of the job details and your payment information.

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What are some WeWorkRemotely alternatives?

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