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WES Partner and Sponsor Pricing

Nonpartner Pricing

1 Job Credit

£50.00 +VAT

£75.00 +VAT

5 Job Credits

£250.00 +VAT

£350.00 +VAT

10 Job Credits

£500.00 +VAT

£650.00 +VAT

Additional Images

£25.00 +VAT /image.

£25.00 +VAT /image.


WES Job Board offers employers a highly targeted approach to recruiting women engineers for their job openings. While a good option to keep in mind for diversity hiring initiatives, the job board doesn't feature any additional tools, such as a CV database or job post upgrades for increased visibility.


  • Job postings include one logo or image.
  • WES partners and sponsors can post jobs at a discounted rate.
  • Employers can extend the job posting duration from 30 to 60 days by purchasing two job credits for one listing.
  • WES Job Board offers to share job posts on Twitter.
  • Multiple job credits are available at a discounted rate.
  • Companies and their available job roles with links to the job postings are included in the monthly WES e-newsletter.
  • WES Job Board is more affordable than similar niche job boards, such as Women in Tech Jobs, Women Who Code, and SheCanCode.
  • Employers can use the site's Gender Decoder service to ensure that their job ads don't include masculine-coded language.


  • There is no free job posting option.
  • The site does not feature a CV database or applicant tracking tools.
  • There is no featured job posting option.


We were unable to find any online reviews of WES Job Board.

How to Post a Job on WES Job Board:

Individuals interested in posting a job on WES Job Board should contact them by email to register for the first time. Users are required to pay for their requested job credits before they are sent a username and password to access an online portal where they can upload and edit their job ads.

WES Job Board vs. SheCanCode:

Both WES Job Board and SheCanCode target female job seekers. However, while WES Job Board is focused on engineering roles, SheCanCode caters specifically to professionals in the IT and tech market. Both sites offer social media promotion and neither has a free job posting plan. However, WES Job Board stands out as the more affordable of the two.

WES Job Board vs. Women in Tech Jobs:

Women in Tech Jobs caters to females in the technology industry, whereas WES Job Board is an engineering job board for women. Women in Tech Jobs is the costlier option but offers features that WES Job Board doesn't, such as a searchable CV database.

WES Job Board vs. Women Who Code:

Women Who Code, a tech job portal for women, is costlier than the women engineers job portal, WES Job Board. Women Who Code attracts more international website visitors than WES Job Board and offers applicant tracking tools and analytics data for job posts, which is something WES Job Board doesn't offer.

Key Information

Legal Name

The Women's Engineering Society

Founding Date

Jun 23, 1919


Futures Place, Kings Way, Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG1 2UA




01438 765506




What is WES Job Board?

WES Job Board is a dedicated job board for female engineers provided by the Women's Engineering Society.

What does it cost to post a job on WES Job Board?

WES Job Board's pricing starts at £75.00 +VAT per job post for nonpartners, while WES partners and sponsors are charged £50.00 +VAT per job post.

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