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From £825.00 +VAT /post.

Bulk discounts

Job post duration

30 days.

CV downloads

Job ad distribution

Featured listings

Applicant tracking tools


Customer support

Telephone and email.


PM Jobs is a reputable job board that specializes in advertising personal management and human resources (HR) jobs across the U.K. As part of the People Management (PM) magazine, a publication of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), the site offers great visibility and comprehensive plans that include advanced features.

When compared to local competitors Personnel Today Jobs and Simply HR Jobs, PM Jobs has the most features that increase ad visibility, such as branded content, candidate email, and promotion on People Management's news bulletin.


  • All of PM Jobs's plans include branded listings that feature company logos.
  • PM Jobs offers a range of posting discounts that could save employers up to 35%.
  • Job ads are visible in People Management's magazine, which distributes to over 180,000 passive candidates.
  • Listings are sent to over 47,000 potential candidates via email alerts.
  • All of PM Jobs's plans feature downloadable CVs.
  • The site is mobile-friendly, making it ideal for employers that are on the go.
  • Well-established companies that have used PM Jobs's services include Asos and Nespresso.


  • PM Jobs is costlier than several local competitors.
  • The majority of the job board's robust features are only available with its premium plans.
  • The platform does not offer applicant tracking tools.


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Standard Listing

£825.00 +VAT

Premium Listing

£895.00 +VAT

Promoted Listing

£995.00 +VAT


£1,500.00 +VAT


£1,750.00 +VAT


£2,000.00 +VAT

*PM Jobs offers additional talent finder solutions packages and job post upgrades.

**The company may offer discounted rates for monthly, annual, and bulk packages.

PM Jobs vs. Personnel Today Jobs:

The most notable difference between the two competitors is their pricing. Personnel Today Jobs charges £749.00 +VAT per post, while PM Jobs' pricing starts at £825.00 +VAT per post, despite offering almost identical features, such as downloadable CVs. That said, PM Jobs does offer greater visibility across the U.K.

PM Jobs vs. Simply HR Jobs:

Simply HR Jobs is significantly more affordable than PM Jobs, charging £249.00 +VAT per post, compared to the latter's £825.00 +VAT per post. However, Simply HR Jobs's ads are only visible for 28 days. While both platforms offer good U.K. visibility, PM Jobs offers a range of comprehensive packages that can boost views.

PM Jobs vs. HRCrossing:

While PM Jobs and HRCrossing are both niche job boards, the two competitors differ in pricing. With PM Jobs, job posting packages are available in pound sterling, and its entry-level plan costs £825.00 +VAT. Despite only being available in USD, HRCrossing's plans are more affordable, thanks to its free plan and competitive rates.

Key Information

Legal Name

People Management Jobs


Peter Cheese

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2009


Bridge House, 69 London Rd., Twickenham TW1 3SP



020 8267 8436



How much does it cost to post a job ad on PM Jobs?

It costs between £825.00 +VAT and £995.00 +VAT to post a job ad on PM Jobs. The platform also offers discounted prices and comprehensive packages that help improve ad visibility.

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