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Leeds Trinity University launched MyFuture as an employment platform to assist businesses in hiring qualified talent directly from the university. With its free job listing services, the job board provides affordable access to a large applicant pool that's interested in volunteer work, apprenticeships, part-time and full-time work, and internships.


  • The platform is 100% free for employers to post vacancies and create company profiles.
  • For employers looking to advertise volunteer and part-time work, MyFuture offers the best exposure.
  • The university has a placement program that will help employers looking to invest in new talent.
  • Employers can choose to post a job ad on TargetConnect, a job board that advertises across multiple U.K. universities.
  • MyFuture is available to current students and alumni of the university.
  • Employers can work with the university to attend networking events and book tables at career fairs.
  • The company profile includes a logo to help employers appear reputable.
  • Applications can be emailed to the platform or directly to the employer.


  • The job board is only visible to students and alumni of the university.
  • The platform is missing robust applicant tracking tools, a CV database, and social media sharing.
  • All job ads must be in line with graduate programs and/or courses provided by the university.


We were unable to find employer reviews of MyFuture online.


It's free to post a job advertisement on MyFuture.

How to Post a Job on MyFuture:

£0.00 GBP
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on MyFuture:

Four easy steps for posting a job ad on MyFuture.


Posting a Job on MyFuture.

Navigate to the MyFuture home page.

Go to Leeds Trinity University's home page and click on "BUSINESS AND EMPLOYERS" in the main menu until the drop-down menu appears.

From this menu, click on "Recruit our talent" and then scroll down to the heading that reads, "Advertising job vacancies."

Next, click on "Register with MyFuture" to continue.


Register an employers account.

Register an employers account.

On MyFuture's home page, click on "Organisation sign in" under the heading "Are you an employer?" in the bottom-right corner. Next, click on "Register" to continue to the "Organisation registration" form, where you'll need to enter your company's logo, address, telephone number, and more.

Once you've completed the "Organisation registration" form, click on "Register."


Choose the best posting option for your job ad.

Choose the best posting option for your job ad.

A pop-up window will appear on the next page to explain the employer approval procedure. Once you're ready to move on, read through the steps and select "Post (Opportunity)."

You'll then be directed to your options for posting, which include MyFuture and TargetConnect. Click "Post now" under "Post Locally" to submit a job ad to MyFuture's board.


Complete the posting details form.

Complete the posting details form.

Complete the posting details form on the following page and click on "Next." The team from Leeds Trinity University will contact you regarding publishing the job posting.

MyFuture vs. University of Leeds Career Center:

While both platforms advertise jobs to their students, MyFuture offers a more straightforward job board that includes free job ads and basic applicant tracking features. In comparison, the University of Leed's Career Center has more limitations to posting, as employers seeking casual and volunteer workers will have to register with Joblink instead.

MyFuture vs. Find a job:

Both MyFuture and Find a job are affordable platforms that offer free job postings. However, while MyFuture only advertises vacancies to students and alumni from Leeds Trinity University, Find a job advertises jobs across the U.K. That said, employers looking to invest in their candidate pool will find MyFuture's targeted approach the best option.

MyFuture vs. Jobstoday:

The notable difference between MyFuture and Jobstoday is their pricing options, with the latter's entry-level plan costing £99.00 +VAT. In comparison, MyFuture is a 100% free platform that will work best for employers based in Leeds. However, Jobstoday offers good exposure throughout Yorkshire thanks to its job distribution to multiple outlets.

Key Information

Legal Name

Leeds Trinity University

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1966




00 1 (113) 283-7100




What is MyFuture?

MyFuture is a job posting site created by Leeds Trinity University to help students and alumni obtain employment at reputable companies.

How much does it cost to post a job ad on MyFuture?

It's free to post a vacancy on MyFuture's job board.

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