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It's free to post a job vacancy on Joblink's website.


Joblink is a student-run job board created by the University of Leeds to help employers gain quick access to a qualified talent pool. While the university manages a separate job portal for permanent positions and placements, Joblink is a dedicated platform that specializes in internships, part-time work, vacation jobs, and volunteer work.


  • Joblink is a completely free job board with a niche target market.
  • The platform specializes in advertising short-term work, including internships and free projects.
  • Employers are able to create a branded company profile that helps them appear professional.
  • Joblink offers employers access to a resume database.
  • The platform offers standard applicant tracking features.
  • Job vacancies are advertised via email alerts and social media.
  • Employers have the option of using Joblink's recruitment services.
  • To improve exposure, employers can hold engagements, book a stall at career fairs, or meet the students.


  • Joblink does not advertise full-time positions.
  • Interested employers would first need to be approved by Joblink's administration before they're able to post jobs.
  • All job vacancies must be in line with the University of Leeds courses and qualifications.
  • There is no mention of candidate matching features on the website.


We were unable to find employer reviews of Joblink online.

How to Post a Job Ad on Joblink:

Before you're able to post vacancies on Joblink's website, you must register as an employer and wait for an approval letter. To get started, navigate to Joblink's home page and click on "Post a job." On the following page, complete the online employer registration form and click on "REGISTER" to continue.

The most significant differences between the two competitors are their pricing and target market. While Jobstoday is a national job board that costs £99.00 +VAT per post, Joblink advertises vacancies in Leeds, and it's completely free. Unlike Jobstoday, Joblink only advertises casual work, part-time jobs, and internships to local students.

MyFuture is a free job board that posts vacancies to Leeds Trinity University's students. Despite being located at the University of Leeds, Joblink posts job opportunities to the entire county. Unlike MyFuture's services, the platform only advertises internships and casual or part-time work. However, similar to MyFuture, Joblink is free of charge.

While Joblink and Recruit Yorkshire post jobs across Leeds county, the two competitors' target market differs. Joblink focuses on advertising casual and part-time positions to students, and its job posting services are free. Recruit Yorkshire, however, costs £28.00 per post, and it advertises general jobs to entry-level and experienced job seekers.

Key Information


Joblink is a free job board managed by students from the Leeds University Union. The platform advertises vacancies to job seekers across Leeds who are interested in internships, volunteerism, and part-time work.

How much does it cost to post a job ad on Joblink?

It's free to post a job opportunity on Joblink.

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