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Founded in 1999, Journalism.co.uk is a site that offers great journalism resources and allows employers and recruiters to post jobs related to writing, editing, journalism, and more, to the site. The platform receives around 135,000 visits per month, with most traffic coming from the U.K.

Journalism.co.uk does allow for international job postings, but very few appear on the job board. There is also a dedicated U.S. job board which, at the time of writing, listed zero postings. There are other local job boards that are more affordable and that receive higher traffic from the U.K.


  • The job board is used by a range of publishers, news sites, magazines, media agencies, and more to find quality staff.
  • Most vacancies on the site are for U.K.-based jobs, making it a great place to find local hires.
  • Employers can choose from standard, featured, premium, and increased exposure job ads.
  • Job postings reach an audience of over 38,000 registered job seekers.
  • There are sizeable discounts for employers who purchase credit bundles.
  • CV matching makes it easier to find candidates by sector, category, salary range, and location.
  • Employers may hide their contact details in job ads and allow for strictly online applications.


  • There is no job syndication available.
  • Only around 45% of total site traffic comes from the U.K.
  • There are other job boards, like Reed.co.uk that offer more affordable rates and access to a larger talent pool.
  • The U.S. version of the job board currently has no jobs posted to it.
  • There is no trial or free job posting option.


At the time of writing, no online reviews of Journalism.co.uk were found.

How to Post a Job on Journalism.co.uk:

£200.00 GBP
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on Journalism.co.uk:

Ten easy steps for posting a job on Journalism.co.uk.


Posting a Job on Journalism.co.uk.


Visit Journalism.co.uk.

Visit Journalism.co.uk.

Navigate to the home page and click on "Jobs" in the top banner beneath the logo on the left-hand side of the screen.


Select "Post a job (login first)."

Select "Post a job (login first)."

From the "Jobs" drop-down menu, beneath "Recruiter login," click on the second option, "Post a job (login first)."


Click on "register."

Click on "register."

Beneath the recruiter panel, toward the bottom of the page, click on the pink "register" at the end of "Click here to register."

If you have an ad-blocker installed, a red banner will appear onscreen asking you to disable your ad-blocker. Once you've disabled it and refreshed the page, you'll be able to proceed with the registration process.


Complete your registration.

Complete your registration.

Fill in the fields on the online form with your personal and company details, then check the reCAPTCHA box, and click on the "Register" button at the end of the form.


Continue to the advertiser control panel.

Continue to the advertiser control panel.

Once you have successfully registered, you'll receive a confirmation email with your login details and a message will appear beneath the menu bar to inform you that your sign-up has been successful. Click on the pink text that says "Please click here to continue to the Advertiser Control Panel."


Click on "Recruiter."

Click on "Recruiter."

From the Advertiser Control Panel, click on "Recruiter" in the left-hand menu. Then click on the third option, "Post a vacancy."

From the "Recruiter" drop-down menu you can also purchase a jobs bundle to use at a later date.


Fill in the details of your job listing.

Fill in the details of your job listing.

Check the relevant boxes and complete all the fields for your job listing. Double-check the information, then click on "Save Job" at the end of the online form once you've ensured all the details are accurate.

To keep your contact details confidential and ensure that applicants only apply online, check the "Hide contact details" box in the final section.


Purchase your credits.

Purchase your credits.

Click on the pink "Purchase a bundle" button to buy your job bundle credits.


Choose your credit package.

Choose your credit package.

Select a credit package and click on the "Next" button at the bottom.


Pay for your package.

Pay for your package.

Confirm your package description, billing address, and payment details. Click on "Pay" to complete the purchase of your credit(s). Once you've purchased your package, you'll be able to post your job.

Journalism.co.uk vs. Creativepool:

Creativepool offers a free plan and gives employers access to a database of more than 300,000 members, while Journalism.co.uk only has paid options and a database of less than 40,000 job seekers. For local hires, Journalism.co.uk is the better option, but Creativepool connects employers to both local and global talent.

Journalism.co.uk vs. Jobs in Books:

Jobs in Books does not provide pricing or allow for direct job postings, but Journalism.co.uk does. Employers who need to fill vacancies fast will benefit from Journalism.co.uk as postings can be purchased online and they don't need to wait for an agent to get back to them before the listing goes live.

Journalism.co.uk vs. Reed.co.uk:

Reed.co.uk is one of the biggest, most trusted job boards in the U.K., and it offers competitive rates in addition to further discounts for new users. Reed.co.uk is the better option for those with limited funds who need to reach a wide talent pool. However, employers may be able to find employees sooner with Journalism.co.uk's targeted hiring.

Key Information

Legal Name

Mousetrap Media Ltd.


Thompson, John

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1999


PO Box 5540, Brighton, East Sussex BN50 8RS

Number of Employees





0770 831 1555




What is Journalism.co.uk?

Journalism.co.uk is a job board where employers can post vacancies for writers, editors, reporters, and more.

How much does it cost to advertise on Journalism.co.uk?

The cost of a vacancy on Journalism.co.uk ranges from £200.00 +VAT to £385.00 +VAT, with discounted job bundles also available.

How do I create an account on Journalism.co.uk?

  1. Visit Journalism.co.uk's home page.
  2. Select "Post a job (login first)."
  3. Click on "register."
  4. Complete your registration.

What are some alternatives to Journalism.co.uk?

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