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Media Beans offers a specialized job board with standard features, including job ad distribution and employer branding. Offering access to 25,000 potential candidates and a focused recruitment strategy, Media Beans equips employers with all the necessary tools to efficiently source and hire talented journalists and social media experts.


  • Employers are not required to create an account to post vacancies on Media Beans.
  • The platform offers a single plan that includes highlighted job listings and prime advertisement on the home page.
  • Media Beans automatically shares job openings on their Twitter account and in their newsletter.
  • All job ads are distributed across the Google for Jobs network.
  • Media Beans claims that each job opening will reach an audience of up to 25,000.
  • Employers can add a company logo to their vacancy to contribute to the job ad's credibility.
  • Media Beans is used by reputable companies, including GoFundMe, UnHerd, and the United Nations Association (UNA).


  • The platform does not offer a free job posting plan.
  • Media Beans is missing some advanced features, including CV database access and applicant tracking tools.
  • The social media promotion feature is limited to Twitter.


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Media Beans charges £149.00 for a single job posting.

Media Beans vs. Journo Resources Jobs:

Media Beans and Journo Resources Jobs share similar features, including social media sharing and advertisement in their respective newsletters. However, the main distinction between the two competitors lies in their pricing. Media Beans stands out for its costly plan of £149.00 per post, while Journo Resources Jobs' prices start at £65.00 per post.

Media Beans vs. Journalism.co.uk Job Board:

While the Journalism.co.uk job board promotes job ads in the U.K.'s journalism sector, Media Beans offers a wider reach, advertising vacancies in journalism, communications, and social media. That said, the Journalism.co.uk job board is costlier, with prices starting at £220.00 +VAT per post. Media Beans, on the other hand, costs £149.00 per post.

Media Beans vs. Reed.co.uk:

Reed.co.uk is a popular job board that promotes general job openings, whereas Media Beans adopts a more focused approach, advertising vacancies tailored for journalists and social media experts. However, the two competitors share similar prices, with Reed.co.uk charging £150.00 +VAT per post and Media Beans priced at £149.00 per post.

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How much does it cost to post a job ad on Media Beans?

Media Beans charges £149.00 for a single job posting.

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