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The TruckersReport job board is a niche hiring platform that caters to employers and job seekers in the trucking industry. Operating predominantly as an online community for truckers to share experiences and news, TruckersReport provides excellent exposure to over one million visitors, and the platform is trusted by a host of reputable trucking businesses.


  • TruckersReport claims to receive over one million monthly visits.
  • Reputable trucking companies that have used the TruckersReport job board include TMC Transportation, J.B. Hunt, and AutoZone.
  • The platform offers flexible advertising options which only require payment once a trucker has been hired.
  • Employers can opt for a managed campaign to boost exposure and improve response times.
  • The TruckersReport job board is a specialized platform that provides targeted hiring techniques.


  • Job advertisements on TruckersReport are not free of charge.
  • The website predominantly operates as an online community of truckers sharing experiences and resources.
  • TruckersReport's website is limited in information regarding job advertisements and features.
  • The platform makes no mention of a resume database, applicant tracking system, or social media sharing.
  • Pricing for job advertisements is not listed on the website.


We were unable to find online reviews of TruckersReport.


TruckersReport does not list pricing on its website. Interested employers are encouraged to contact TruckersReport's sales team for more information.

How to Post a Job on the TruckersReport Job Board:

Employers are unable to post vacancies directly to TruckersReport's job board. Interested employers should contact the sales department to inquire about pricing and posting instructions.

TruckersReport vs. CDL Job Now:

While CDL Job Now and TruckersReport both require employers to contact for quotes, only the former lists its range of features and benefits, including integration with third-party applications and social media sharing. TruckersReport, on the other hand, claims to receive more than a million visits per month, making it the best option for reach.

TruckersReport vs. Drive My Way:

Both TruckersReport and Drive My Way are niche job boards that are trusted by a host of reputable companies. However, despite the two competitors not advertising prices, Drive My Way stands out for its list of features, which include job ad distribution and social media sharing — both not mentioned on TruckersReport's website.

TruckersReport vs. offers both free and paid options, with its paid option starting at just $69.00 per month, making it a competitively-priced option. While TruckersReport's website does not reveal pricing, the platform does stand out for its impressive reach, as the company claims to receive over a million monthly visits.

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What is the TruckersReport Job Board ?

The TruckersReport job board is a niche hiring platform where employers can post vacancies and connect with truck drivers across the country.

How much does it cost to post a job on the TruckersReport job board?

TruckersReport does not reveal pricing on its website. Interested customers can contact TruckersReport's sales department for a quote.

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