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Top Philadelphia Job Boards:





Free and paid options.

2.Google for Jobs


3.Philly Jobs

Paid, starting at $199.00.

4.The Philadelphia Inquirer

Paid, starting at $249.00.

5.Philly Careers

Paid, starting at $249.00.

6.Philadelphia Works


7.Philly Ad Club

Paid, starting at $75.00 for members and $150.00 for non-members.


Paid, starting at $35.00.

9.PA Media Group

Paid, starting at $350.00.


Paid, starting at $99.00.

Philadelphia Employment Statistics:

Unemployment Rate

Unemployment rates in Philadelphia were as low as 4.5% before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Annual Mean Wage


Median Hourly Wage


Minimum Wage

$7.25 /hr.

Tip Credit Allowed



Where can I post my job ads in Philadelphia for free?

Go to Philadelphia Works, Indeed, or Google For Jobs to post your free job ads, and wait to hear from talent.

How can I promote my job posts in Philadelphia quickly?

Try getting in contact with the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, or Drexel University to learn about advertising jobs to alumni. Also, try posting your job in different parts of Pennsylvania, or even in larger cities out of state to attract talent.

Is there any assistance for employers in Philadelphia?

Yes, the Department of Laborin Philadelphia has fantastic information for employers on its website.

What can I do to fill jobs in Philadelphia?

Run ads in local newspapers, such as the Philadelphia Inquirer or Philadelphia Tribune. Contact local colleges, including Hussian College, Orleans Technical College, and Chestnut Hill College to share jobs with students and alumni.

What are some local Philadelphia job boards?

Take a look at these local free and paid Philadelphia job boards.

Where can I find more regional job boards?

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